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Year/Month: 2022/06


Written by Lutheran Spokesman | June, 2022
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The 35th Convention of the Church of the Lutheran Confession June 23-26, 2022 Immanuel Lutheran College, Eau Claire, Wisconsin –Pastor Paul Nolting, CLC Moderator Read More


Written by Lutheran Spokesman | June, 2022
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Items of interest from various sources of religious news and opinion, in print and on the web. Explosion of Narcissism in America. In an article for Real Clear Science, Ross Pomeroy surveys recent research indicating that Americans’ opinion of themselves has risen steeply in recent decades. Previous generations of Americans had more humility, were less… Read More »Month Archive Read More

Endings and Beginnings

Written by Samuel Rodebaugh | June, 2022
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Every other month our CLC Board of Missions updates us with recent news from various mission fields. “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace.” (Numbers 6:24-26) That is the end-of-service… Read More »Month Archive Read More


Written by Lutheran Spokesman | June, 2022
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“BREAD OF LIFE” READINGS JUNE 2022 TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006 Date Hymns Readings Comments June 1 WS 769 Acts 16:1-10 Paul and his companions are prevented by the Spirit from going into certain areas. Instead, God directs them to take the Gospel… Read More »Month Archive Read More

A Foundation Laid for a Lifetime

Written by Jyothi Benjamin | June, 2022
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In this series, those involved with CLC foreign missions profile one aspect of our overseas endeavors. [Ed.: The following is a report from Pastor Jyothi Benjamin, in his own words, about current activities in the Church of the Lutheran Confession in India (CLCI). The report is lightly edited for clarity.] “How, then, can they call… Read More »Month Archive Read More

The Trinitarian Invocation

Written by John Klatt | June, 2022
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Ever wonder why we Lutherans use the form of worship that we do? In this series we examine the depth and meaning of the various elements of our worship service. It has been said that wherever Christians build a humble chapel for the worship of the true God, the devil sets up beside it a… Read More »Month Archive Read More

Sinners Still, but Not Ruled by Sin

Written by Joseph Lau | June, 2022
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“Thesis XVIII– In the fourteenth place, the Word of God is not rightly divided when the universal corruption of mankind is described in such a manner as to create the impression that even true believers are still under the spell of ruling sins and are sinning purposely.” As was his custom before addressing his thesis… Read More »Month Archive Read More

1963 CLC Convention Delegates

Written by Lutheran Spokesman | June, 2022
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1963 CLC Convention Delegates In October of 2020, the Lutheran Spokesman published on its cover a group photo of the pastors and delegates to the 1963 CLC Convention, held at Calvary Lutheran Church in Marquette, Michigan. There was much interest in this photo, and many emails were exchanged in the attempt to identify all the… Read More »Month Archive Read More

The Greeting of a Letter of Encouragement

Written by Mark Gullerud | June, 2022
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“Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, to the elect, temporary residents in the world, scattered throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia, who have been chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, by the sanctifying work of the Spirit, to be obedient and to be sprinkled with the blood of Jesus Christ. Grace… Read More »Month Archive Read More

The Twin Towers-Still Standing!

Written by David Fuerstenau | June, 2022
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Every Bible student has heard of the Tower of Babel. Tourists are fascinated with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Historians know of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the wonders of the ancient world. As for twin towers, the Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur were initially the tallest towers in the world, and are the… Read More »Month Archive Read More

The Truth of God’s Creation

Written by Steven Sippert | June, 2022
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This series offers an overview of the chief teachings of the Christian church. When it comes to the question of origins, be it the existence of the universe, or planet earth, or the human race, the prevalent view for many is a belief in the theory of evolution. I say “belief” because evolution is not… Read More »Month Archive Read More

Working Together for the Lord

Written by David W. Bernthal | June, 2022
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Every week, like-minded Christians gather together to hear God’s Word, receive His blessing, and build each other up in the faith. Depending on the size and location of your congregation, at times one can feel quite small in the scheme of the world. That’s why it is such a blessing that we share an even… Read More »Month Archive Read More

Our Triune God-Glorious, Incomprehensible

Written by Michael Roehl | June, 2022
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Christians understand that true science is the humble study of God’s creation, together with the internal interactions of that creation. True science is therefore a good thing, but it can never fully comprehend the God Who exists beyond, or outside of, His creation. Our godless society, however, seeks to transform and elevate the study of… Read More »Month Archive Read More

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