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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date Hymns Readings Comments

June 1 WS 769 Acts 16:1-10 Paul and his companions are prevented by the Spirit from going into certain areas. Instead, God directs them to take the Gospel to Macedonia. Missionaries rightly make plans to take the Gospel to certain locations, but the Spirit often directs them elsewhere. Trust God to open doors for the Gospel!

June 2 TLH 452 Acts 16:11-24 Satan dogs the missionaries through a demon-possessed girl. But, in a head-to head confrontation, Jesus shows His power over the forces of darkness. Satan doesn’t give up, however, as evil men put Paul and Silas in prison. We’ll see how that didn’t work out well for Satan either.

June 3 WS 773 Acts 16:25-40 With Paul and Silas in jail, perhaps Satan thinks he can keep the Gospel from spreading. Not so! God works wonders even in a prison cell, as we see the Gospel win the hearts of a jailor and his family.

June 4 TLH 261 Acts 17:1-15 Thessalonica is the next stop as the message of a risen Savior marches on. But it’s in Berea where we learn the vital lesson of carefully reading our Bibles to make sure we’re being taught the truth of Scripture.

June 6 TLH 297 Acts 17:16-34 The Greeks in Athens didn’t know a thing about the Scriptures, so Paul had to start from square one with creation. He appeals to their natural knowledge of God, but then proclaims to them what they can’t know unless it’s revealed: Jesus is the Risen One, Who is judge over all!

June 7 TLH 658 Acts 18:1-17 Being a witness for Christ is not easy in a God-hating world, but the Lord will not fail to hold us up so that we can keep on going: “Do not be afraid, but speak, and do not keep silent; for I am with you.”

June 8 TLH 283 Acts 18:18-28 No matter how learned we are in our knowledge of Scripture, there’s always room to grow. Apollos was mighty in the Scriptures, but was in need of more accurate knowledge. Let us all be eager students of the Word, learning God’s truth as accurately as possible.

June 9 TLH 430 Acts 19:1-20 Paul brings the Gospel to Ephesus with the usual results: many reject Christ, while other believe. Noteworthy is the burning of expensive books of dark magic formerly owned by those who now found in Jesus a treasure worth far more than all the world.

June 10 TLH 495 Acts 19:21-41 Idol maker Demetrius raises an uproar against the Gospel, which was winning many hearts away from Diana to Christ. To this day the Gospel continues to win hearts for Christ away from the idols of this world.

June 11 WS 781 Acts 20:1-16 As Paul preaches on to midnight, a young man falls out of a third-story window and dies. By Jesus’ power Paul restores his life, and then gets right back to preaching. Preaching God’s Word is urgent business! Lets keep at it!

June 13 WS 780 Acts 20:17-38 God calls the Church today to be like Paul in its dedication to preaching the whole counsel of God. He calls pastors to faithfully shepherd blood-bought souls, especially guarding them against the false-teaching wolves.

June 14 TLH 656 Acts 21:1-14 Agabus prophesies Paul’s arrest in Jerusalem at the hands of the Gentiles. While Paul’s friends try to dissuade him from going to Jerusalem, Paul asserts he’s ready to die for Christ. Yes, He is worth dying for!

June 15 TLH 464 Acts 21:15-25 We read of a joyful meeting between Paul and the leaders of the Church in Jerusalem. What a blessed fellowship we share with Christ and one another! Note how Paul goes out of His way to foster the unity he shares with the church in Jerusalem.

June 16 TLH 481 Acts 21:26-36 Once again Paul is viciously attacked by the haters of Christ. Hadn’t Jesus said that His followers would be hated and persecuted by the world? May God give His people strength and joy to suffer for the One Who endured so much for us.

June 17 WS 777 Acts 21:37-22:21 Paul stands before the crowd, giving testimony to the grace and power of Christ to save a wretched sinner such as himself. Every Christian has his own story, but, when all is said and done, all of our stories are testimonies to the love of a forgiving Savior.

June 18 WS 770 Acts 22:22-23:11 Paul’s trial before the Sanhedrin ends in a verbal fight between the Pharisees (the legalists) and the Saduccees (the liberals). More importantly, the Lord calls Paul to take courage, as He intends for the apostle to take the Gospel to Rome!

June 20 WS 785 Acts 23:12-35 The Lord works through a nephew and a Roman commander to safeguard Paul’s life. The Lord works in countless ways to protect His children. May we have eyes to see His protecting love!

June 21 WS 771 Acts 24:1-27 While some may consider having to stand trial before a powerful man like Felix to be a setback, Paul sees it as an opportunity to proclaim Christ. Help us, Lord, to see even difficult situations as opportunities to serve our dear Savior.

June 22 TLH 496 Acts 25:1-12 Knowing he wouldn’t get a fair trial in Jerusalem, Paul appeals his case to Caesar. God had told Paul that he would take the Gospel to Rome. Off to Rome he will go for still more opportunities to bring Christ to lost sinners.

June 23 WS 786 Acts 25:13-27 In discussing Paul’s case with King Agrippa, Festus admits that he is clueless as to what charge can be brought against Paul. Let it always be said of God’s people that when they suffer, it is for doing good.

June 24 TLH 279 Acts 26:1-18 Paul explains his Christ-given mission to both the Jews and the Gentiles: “So that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in Me.”

June 25 TLH 657 Acts 26:19-32 When Paul again testifies to God’s grace, Festus accuses Paul of being out of his mind. But Paul explains that what he has said is a matter of verifiable record. Regardless, if one is said to be out of his mind, let it be said he’s out of his mind for Christ.

June 27 TLH 649 Acts 27:1-26 Finally Paul sets sail in what turns out to be a perilous voyage. As the storm rages on, Paul shows himself to be a calming force, speaking to his fellow shipmates of God’s promise to spare all their lives. What comfort we bring when we share the promises of God!

June 28 TLH 36 Acts 27:27-44 It’s a shipwreck, but one in which not one single person aboard is lost. Isn’t that exactly what God, through Paul, had said would happen? Lord, help us trust implicitly all that Your Word says and promises.

June 29 TLH 339 Acts 28:1-16 The power of Jesus comes to the island of Malta. Paul suffers no ill effects after being bitten by a venomous snake, and people from all over the island are cured of sicknesses. Most certainly, Paul preaches the Gospel, God’s power for salvation.

June 30 TLH 501 Acts 28:17-31 Though under house arrest for two years, God enables Paul to carry on a productive Gospel ministry. In whatever situation we find ourselves, God will give us outlets to serve in the interest of our Savior.