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Author: David Fuerstenau

From Palm Sunday to Palm Eternity

Written by David Fuerstenau | March, 2002
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Five days before His vicarious sacrifice for all sin and seven days before His victorious resurrection, Jesus entered Jerusalem to suffer and die according to His Father’s will. St. John recorded that a great multitude of people “took branches of palm trees and went out to meet Him and cried out: ‘Hosanna! Blessed is He… Read More »From Palm Sunday to Palm Eternity Read More

Seeking the Christ

Written by David Fuerstenau | January, 2014
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Many things in life seem to be unfair. Thus it is often asked: “By what measure of fairness will God condemn to everlasting punishment those who have never heard the gospel of salvation in Christ Jesus?” A rebuttal question might be, “Did they ever seek out God and His Christ?” Surely the evidence and cause… Read More »Seeking the Christ Read More

Keeping The Wells Unblocked!

Written by David Fuerstenau | October, 2013
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Most kids are curious, and I was no different. When I asked my father why a certain pasture which we passed almost every Sunday had a small fenced-off area serving no apparent purpose, he explained what could not be discerned at a distance. A spring of water was being protected from cattle which in the… Read More »Keeping The Wells Unblocked! Read More

Of Ravens, Lilies, and God’s Providence

Written by David Fuerstenau | August, 2013
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GOD’S PROVIDENTIAL CARE It is not unusual for our Tulip and me to enjoy the backyard together. I sip my morning cuppa while gazing at the flowers; our pet cat watches the birds. Even when it’s raining, an assortment of winged neighbors are prone to gather there–some for insects and worms, pigeons for seeds, and an… Read More »Of Ravens, Lilies, and God’s Providence Read More

The Age of Miracles

Written by David Fuerstenau | May, 2013
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Who would not like to see or experience a no-sham, no-scam miracle? Or even perform one? This longing seems to be part of our human nature. Pharaoh, the unbelieving Jews, and Herod all wanted to see some great sign, and Simon the sorcerer was willing to pay money to be able to exercise the power… Read More »The Age of Miracles Read More

To See The Glory Of God

Written by David Fuerstenau | January, 2013
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There can be a premature longing among the godly pious on Earth to see the full glory of our Lord. Read More

The Five C’s of Conversion

Written by David Fuerstenau | August, 2012
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Conservative talk show host Mark Levin has remarked that “there is simply no scientific or mathematical formula that defines conservatism.” The same, of course, is true for Christianity. Thus this writer asks your forbearance in suggesting the above devotional and spiritual formula for the Bible teachings about conversion, where five C’s represent five different values. Read More

Seized By The Spirit

Written by David Fuerstenau | June, 2012
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When I was around twelve years old, I was walking home on a dusty Dakota road because the family tractor had quit on me. A neighbor stopped to give me a ride. Not much later he started gesticulating and speaking gibberish. I crowded the door, ready to bail out if necessary. Then suddenly he stopped the unusual… Read More »Seized By The Spirit Read More

Sorrow and Glory at Olivet

Written by David Fuerstenau | March, 2012
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One can hardly envision entering the season of Lent without contemplating again the events that occurred on the Mount of Olives, for that is where the Lord began the suffering of His final hours. That is where His passive obedience took root–in the Garden of Gethsemane. The first biblical reference to Olivet1 is in connection… Read More »Sorrow and Glory at Olivet Read More

Do You Believe In Miracles?

Written by David Fuerstenau | December, 2011
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An almost palatable taste of hope was in the air. Much had been promised and much was expected–at least by the faithful. The elements of success had been carefully brought together. People waited with bated breath. Finally, the winning shot went home and the team held on for ultimate victory. The USA hockey team had… Read More »Do You Believe In Miracles? Read More

Lord, Save My Son!

Written by David Fuerstenau | August, 2011
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Who among us would deny that Hezekiah was a man of prayer? We recall two incidents in Hezekiah’s life that were made memorable by answered prayer. In both cases the answer was clear and immediate. When Sennacherib of Assyria threatened Hezekiah and the people of Jerusalem with destruction, reviled the Lord God of Judah, and… Read More »Lord, Save My Son! Read More

Two Mothers Beneath the Cross

Written by David Fuerstenau | May, 2011
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In this world we can expect tribulation. So Jesus informed all His followers. As the world seeks to celebrate Mother’s Day with flowers and sweet candy, we remember that troubles and bitter sorrow also come with the job. Blessed are all godly mothers who bear their cross with faithful patience. If we were to ask, ‘Who… Read More »Two Mothers Beneath the Cross Read More

And the Winners Are…

Written by David Fuerstenau | February, 2011
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It seems that people of most every culture enjoy a good contest and/or an award. Every year in our country we have Miss America and Mrs. America contests. There is the ‘Man of the Year,’ ‘Woman of the Year,’ and Person of the Decade. Various voters choose the Best Picture and Most Valuable Player. Surely… Read More »And the Winners Are… Read More

When God Comes Down!

Written by David Fuerstenau | November, 2010
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“Boys, don’t make me come up there!” It happened very seldom, but that’s how my father would warn us when my brother and I were making too much bedtime noise. It was all in good fun: giggling, harmless pillow fights, no bloody noses or anything—things kids will do on a sleepless night. Neither were we… Read More »When God Comes Down! Read More

Do You Have a Secret?

Written by David Fuerstenau | March, 2022
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I’ve got a secret. Can you guess my secret? Can you keep a secret? So it’s often said. I even heard of a kids’ club, entry into which required the telling of a secret. The entire world seems to highly value its secrets, whether it be business, government, or personal secrets. It might be a… Read More »Do You Have a Secret? Read More

Why Do You Weep?

Written by David Fuerstenau | April, 2014
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The early hours of that first Easter morning found people in various conditions. Most of Jerusalem slept soundly, while their religious leaders may have had satisfied smiles on their faces. But fear, shock, and confusion permeated the hearts of the Lord’s disciples. They were stupefied and in mourning because of His death. None of them… Read More »Why Do You Weep? Read More

Christ’s Education And Ours

Written by David Fuerstenau | September, 2001
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Mark Twain once opined that “soap and education are not as sudden as a massacre, but they are more deadly in the long run.” The world chuckled, but not Solomon. “A wise man will hear and increase learning. . . . But fools despise wisdom and instruction” (Prov. 1:5,7). Our Lord Jesus was no fool,… Read More »Christ’s Education And Ours Read More

How Far Is It To Christmas?

Written by David Fuerstenau | December, 2001
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“The shepherds said to one another, ‘Let us go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has come to pass, which the Lord has made known to us.'” — Luke 2:15b Already in September I saw Christmas items on display. I knew then that the countdown of shopping days left would soon begin. If the… Read More »How Far Is It To Christmas? Read More

Baptism Saves And Drowns

Written by David Fuerstenau | July, 2001
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By mid-summer in most normal years the South Dakota short-grass prairie is turning brown. It then becomes a visual, daily reminder of sinful mankind’s true status: weakness, frailty, and death. This pride-bashing judgment of God was recorded through Isaiah: “All flesh is grass . . . the grass withers, the flower fades, but the word… Read More »Baptism Saves And Drowns Read More

The Open Doors Of Easter

Written by David Fuerstenau | April, 2001
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After preaching in a small village of northern India, a Christian missionary was confronted by a Muslim. “You must admit we Muslims have something you do not have. When we go to Mecca, we at least find a coffin. But when you Christians journey to Jerusalem, you find nothing but an empty tomb.” What a… Read More »The Open Doors Of Easter Read More

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