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Year/Month: 2020/04


Written by Lutheran Spokesman | April, 2020
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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006 Date Hymns Reading Comments Apr 1 WS 725 (LSB 444) Mark 11:1-11 Jesus was truly coming “in the name of the Lord.” He embodied the plan of the Lord our God to save us from our sins. Apr… Read More »Month Archive Read More

Triumphant Humility

Written by Ross Kok | April, 2020
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COVER STORY – Palm Sunday One of the fun parts about attending a professional basketball game is the home team player introductions. The lights dim, the pump-up music plays, spotlights pan around the crowd, and the stadium announcer stretches every syllable of the star player’s name so the fans can cheer for longer. But sometimes… Read More »Month Archive Read More

The Longest Name

Written by Samuel Rodebaugh | April, 2020
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DEVOTION – EASTER We each bear a name that tells a lengthy story. The longest name in recorded history belonged to a man who went by “Hubert B. Wolfe + 988 Sr.” This was merely a shortening of his full name which included twenty-six ordinary names followed by a 988-letter surname. I would guess that… Read More »Month Archive Read More

TLH 162 Ride On, Ride On, in Majesty

Written by Craig Owings | April, 2020
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A HYMN OF GLORY LET US SING Paradox and perspective are two elements which, along with the lofty melody of “Winchester New” (, stand out in Henry H. Milman’s Palm Sunday hymn, “Ride On, Ride On, in Majesty.” Paradox A paradox is a statement that seems self-contradictory but which may, in fact, express a profound… Read More »Month Archive Read More


Written by John Pfeiffer | April, 2020
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GEMS FROM THE OLD TESTAMENT “Heavens” What comes to mind when you hear the word heaven? Are there thoughts of glory, of joy, of intimate fellowship with Jesus? Indeed, we should have such thoughts, because we are told that God “sits in the heavens” (Psalm 2:4) and that the heavens have received Jesus (Acts 3:21)… Read More »Month Archive Read More

Our Response to God’s Gifts

Written by Mark Gullerud | April, 2020
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STUDIES IN THE NEW TESTAMENT “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning. Of His own will He brought us forth by the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of… Read More »Month Archive Read More

The 1959 Conventions of the WELS and ELS

Written by David Lau | April, 2020
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THE ORIGIN OF THE CLC One aspect of the discussion surrounding the “Joint Statement,” which will again be before us at our 2020 convention, is how much importance to give to the events that took place around the period 1955-1961 that led to the formation of the CLC. In this seven-part series, Professor Emeritus David… Read More »Month Archive Read More

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church Valentine, Nebraska

Written by Paul D. Nolting | April, 2020
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A SLICE OF LIFE IN THE CLC Snapshots of congregations from around the Church of the Lutheran Confession Scenic Valentine, Nebraska is nestled between two valleys—one on the north created by the Minnechaduza Creek and the other on the south created by the Niobrara River. It serves as the northeast gateway into the Nebraska Sandhills—a… Read More »Month Archive Read More

A Product You Can Stand Behind

Written by Timothy Daub | April, 2020
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BEST. JOB. EVER! Are you a young person pondering a career? Have you considered becoming a pastor or a Christian day school teacher? This twelve-part series is meant to coincide with the work of the President’s Committee on Partners in the Public Ministry (CPPM). Its aim is to help you think more deeply about the… Read More »Month Archive Read More

India Update

Written by Robert Sauers | April, 2020
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MISSION NEWSLETTER Every other month our CLC Board of Missions updates us with recent news from various mission fields. Our fellow Christians in India have been on the minds of many, especially over the past year and a half. It was at the beginning of 2019 that Missionary Peter Evensen’s Indian visa was canceled, forcing… Read More »Month Archive Read More

One Sure Thing!

Written by Michael Eichstadt | April, 2020
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“I don’t know, Pastor. I just don’t know.” I could count on hearing that concern on every visit to the home of an elderly shut-in. He had been a faithful congregation member for decades. At that time a widower in his 80s with health declining and his family’s lack of interest in spiritual matters a… Read More »Month Archive Read More

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