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Pastor Mike Eichstadt

“Turning the World “Upside Down”

CLC President’s Report to the 31st Convention

Dear saints in Christ and fellow workers in His kingdom:

Does it matter? Does what we do here make any real, significant, positive, lasting difference? If it does, we have reason and incentive to get to work; if not, what’s the point? From a human perspective we have little chance of accomplishing anything lasting. We are a small group with no political capital to spend and few material resources. What could we possibly do?

However, that could also have been said of the Apostle Paul and Silas when they arrived in Thessalonica in the course of Paul’s second missionary journey. There was nothing impressive about these two itinerant missionaries of Jesus. Yet before long, the Jews were accusing Paul and the other Christians of “turning the world upside down” (Acts 17:6). Sent out from the living Lord of the Church, they upset the status quo. Hearts and attitudes were completely changed. Without question, they made a difference.Read More »“Turning the World “Upside Down”


FROM the Sunday Church Bulletin of Messiah Lutheran Church, Hales Corners (Milwaukee), Wisconsin, January 26, 2014; CLC President Michael Eichstadt is pastor:

The following is from Pastor Jyothi Benjamin in India describing the escalating persecution of Christians in the areas of their ministry:

Still we have been facing some problem in various places of Andhra Pradesh. A group of Hindu activists have attacked one of our CLCI Pastors in Kakinada yesterday. Around 9:00 p.m., a group of six people knocked at the pastor’s door and requested to meet pastor urgently and when our pastor opened the door, those people jumped on him and stuffed his mouth with cloth and tied his hands and legs. Read More »REMEMBER IN PRAYER: