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—1530— Luther and the Augsburg Confession

Written by Norman Greve
Post Date: August, 2018
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The ROAD TO REFORMATION In observation of the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, we are presenting a brief survey of the life of Martin Luther. The series continues with major events in the life of the Reformer that took place after 1517. The birthday of the Lutheran Church is often placed on June 25, […] Read More


Written by Lutheran Spokesman
Post Date: August, 2018
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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006 Date Verse Reading Comments Aug 1 TLH 24 Psalm 92 The Lord is victorious over His (and our) enemies. Aug 2 TLH 47 Proverbs 15:1-9 Wise people guard their tongues, speaking gently for the benefit of others. Aug […] Read More
READY TO GIVE AN ANSWER (FUNDAMENTALISM) Passages that will help you respond when people say… There’s a reason why no one talks about the Ecumenical Movement anymore. It’s the same reason why no one was pleading for God’s deliverance in the days of Samson. For forty years the Philistines had oppressed the people of Israel. […] Read More

“Mandrakes, Please”

Written by Mark Weis
Post Date: August, 2018
Post Categories: Gems from the Old Testament,Series
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GEMS FROM THE OLD TESTAMENT The Bible mentions more than one hundred plants, herbs, and trees; everything from acacia and aloe to wheat and wormwood. Knowing the appearance and properties of these plants can help us better understand their use in Scripture. For example, consider the mandrake plants referenced in Genesis 30:14-16. “Now Reuben went […] Read More

Ascension Lutheran Church Batavia, Illinois

Written by Terrel Kesterson
Post Date: August, 2018
Post Categories: A Slice of Life in CLC,Articles
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A SLICE OF LIFE IN THE CLC SNAPSHOTS OF CONGREGATIONS FROM AROUND THE CHURCH OF THE LUTHERAN CONFESSION A hymn of glory let us sing; New songs thro’out the world shall ring:  Alleluia! Christ, by a road before untrod, Ascendeth to the throne of God.  Alleluia! (TLH 212:1) As the words of the hymn, so […] Read More

Church of the Lutheran Confession in Tanzania (CLC-TZ)

Written by Todd Ohlmann
Post Date: August, 2018
Post Categories: Missions,Notes from the field
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NOTES FROM THE FIELD In this series, thoseinvolved with CLC foreign missions profile one aspect of our overseas endeavors. During a recent visit to our sister church body in Tanzania, I was able to assist in the training of men to be faithful preachers and teachers of God’s saving Word. It is always encouraging to […] Read More

Faith Therapy

Written by Chad Seybt
Post Date: August, 2018
Post Categories: Series,Studies in the New Testatment
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STUDIES IN THE NEW TESTAMENT “Now no chastening seems to be joyful for the present, but painful; nevertheless, afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. Therefore strengthen the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees, and make straight paths for your feet, so that what […] Read More

The Gospel God’s Grace Comes to Us

Written by Nathan Pfeiffer
Post Date: August, 2018
Post Categories: Devotions,Lords supper
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DEVOTION – THE MEANS OF GRACE Ah, summer vacation! Time to get away from the city and enjoy nature around us. There are national and state parks to visit, tents to be pitched, campfires to sit around, and lakes to “get away” to. This time of year it’s not unusual to hear the comment, “I […] Read More

Third Foreign Missionary Authorized

Written by Robert Sauers
Post Date: August, 2018
Post Categories: Missions,Newsletter
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MISSION NEWSLETTER Every other month our CLC Board of Missions updates us with recent news from various mission fields. “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” (Luke 10:2). During every Board of Missions meeting I have been a […] Read More

TLH 6, LSB 924 “Kyrie, God Father in Heaven Above”

Written by John Klatt
Post Date: August, 2018
Post Categories: A Hymn Of Glory Let Us Sing,Series
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A HYMN OF GLORY LET US SING (THIRTY-THIRD IN A SERIES) On His way to Jerusalem, Jesus passed through a village where He was met by a group of ten men who were afflicted with leprosy. Not daring to approach too closely—for lepers were forbidden close contact with the general population—they called out to Him […] Read More