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"…the Scriptures cannot be broken." John 10:35


The Reformation Blessing Above All Others

Martin_luther_BWartMany blessings of the Reformation of the 1500’s still affect us today.

We could mention having a Bible translation in our native tongue, having many hymns to sing praises to God, putting into practice the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers (that Christ has given every believer—not just to the pope and his priests—the keys to forgive or to retain sins), and parents and pastors using Luther’s Small Catechism to instruct children in the basic Bible teachings. Read More…

No Prayer Barrier

Heavenly Father, hear our prayers and accept our praises for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

seal3What we see and hear this day is a wondrous thing. The fact that this school exists is wondrous. The fact that you are here is wondrous. The fact that there are teachers and staff is wondrous. Most wondrous of all is the fact that this school, its students, faculty, and staff have the Word of God with its gospel of salvation. Read More…

A Prayer For Our Pastor

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In his retirement Pastor Emeritus Arthur Schulz, Black River Falls, Wis.,
has perused archived copies of Lutheran periodicals for hymns and poems and shared them with our pastors. This hymn—which may be sung to the tune of TLH #483—first appeared in the Lutheran Witness of January 29, 1946. It was written by Adela Kretzmann Weber of Canton, Ohio. Read More…

What is a Lutheran (according to Luther)?

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You meet a new colleague and to your surprise you discover she is a Lutheran. You are delighted to find you have this in common.

In the course of time, however, after several discussions you realize your colleague does not believe God created the world in six days, as the Bible says. Then, come to find out, she doesn’t really believe the account of Jesus’ resurrection is to be taken literally. When it really comes down to it, she isn’t even sure there is a literal heaven and is pretty sure there is no such thing as hell.

You finally ask, incredulously, “You call yourself a ‘Lutheran’?” Read More…