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Updates from congregations around the Church of the Lutheran Confession


The last few years have seen many changes at Faith in Coloma. God’s grace has been abundantly evident! We’ve experienced growth in the congregation, both from without and within. During COVID we were blessed to have an average of 200 people join us each Sunday for our internet worship service. Most were from out of town or other CLC congregations. However, through those services we were also blessed with new members.

By God’s grace, we’ve also experienced growth with CLC members moving to the Coloma area. Two new member families have brought to us seven young children with one more on the way. Our Sunday School was all but empty and now it is filled with the little lambs of Jesus’ flock. We try to plan as many outings and gatherings for the children as we can.

Fellowship opportunities are precious in our day. The world and its prince continually work to distract and divide like-minded believers. Faith congregation tries to take advantage of as many fellowship opportunities as possible. We’ve done so by having special fellowship meals once a month. The first one was a pig roast! The meals have been well attended and members are encouraged to bring friends and family. We usually have the meals on a Friday or Saturday evening.

At Faith we’re excited to see the Lord’s will unfold in our area. The people at Faith are committed to reaching out with the Gospel. We hope to re-vamp our parade float and get it back into action this spring. Small town celebrations are very popular in this area. We have opportunity to be in three parades within eight miles of our location.

Sanctuary decorated for Thanksgiving

We are in the process of planning organized “cruise-ins” and “motorcycle rallies/rides” this spring and summer. Surprisingly, they have proven to be an excellent way of meeting people in the community, acquainting them with our church, inviting them to our service, and providing an opportunity to proclaim the Gospel. A local company, Lane Automotive, is in the performance and racing industry and has donated large quantities of hats, shirts, and other car and racing paraphernalia to give away at our various events.

Some members of Faith

Through the years the people of Faith have been strengthened and preserved in the Christian faith through the means of grace. While there are always trials in life, our members have experienced firsthand the faithful care of the Lord. They are certain of the Lord’s continued presence and strength.

Sunday school hayride

This year Faith will celebrate its sixty-fifth anniversary. Ponder what a miracle of God’s grace that truly is! Sixty-five years ago a few faithful Christians left the religious liberalism of their former fellowship and founded Faith Lutheran Church. In the ensuing years we have seen the leaven of false teaching take over whole church bodies. Praise God for His grace in preserving His Word in its truth and purity here at Faith and in our Synod!

Fellowship picnic

What greater blessing could we ask for? “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Romans 10:17) At Faith we eagerly look forward to the future, rejoicing in our Lord’s continued presence and blessing, “Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20)

Pig roast fellowship meal

Jay Hartmann is pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Coloma, Michigan.