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From the CLC President

A Wakeup Call


Has the Reformation become a victim of its own success?

Remember lying in bed suffering from the telltale red rash of measles, burning up with a fever one minute and shivering uncontrollably the next? How about being told not to scratch the itchy chicken pox scabs, but still frantically doing so when Mom wasn’t looking? The swollen glands of mumps made it painful to swallow for days. If you are sixty or older you may vividly remember all these symptoms and truly appreciate the value of modern vaccines. On the other hand, if you’re a millennial who never experienced these diseases firsthand, it’s hard to relate to the danger they pose. As a result, vaccination rates in the U.S. have fallen and outbreaks of measles have been reported in a number of cities. It’s been said that vaccines are a victim of their own success. They have controlled disease so well that people have become apathetic toward the threat.Read More »A Wakeup Call