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Gems from the Old Testament


GEMS FROM THE OLD TESTAMENT “What is truth?” So spoke Pontius Pilate. He was responding to Jesus’ declaration: “For this cause I was born, and… Read More »TRUTH

Relief in Troubled Times— Worship the Lord!


King David did not have a carefree life. He often wrote of sorrow, tears, and loneliness in his psalms. Those same psalms, nevertheless, reveal deep faith. Whatever the circumstances of his troubled times, however intense and prolonged, David trusted God.

David praised and thanked God in troubled times as well as on occasions of celebration. Giving thanks may be the last thing we feel like doing when something unpleasant comes our way. Focusing on how miserable we are, however, has never provided us with answers or solace, and it never will. Read More »Relief in Troubled Times— Worship the Lord!


Human beings, young and old, forget. We forget promises, events, names, and locations. Then, something happens to trigger a long-forgotten memory. It comes back to… Read More »REMEMBER

Elisha’s Bears vs. Judah’s Lion


Most people seem fascinated by contests, whether they be athletic games, car races, or spelling bees.
TV programming has brought us fight-to-the-death encounters between mongooses and cobras, alligators and Burmese pythons. They once even showed a fight between a bear and bull. The poor bull didn’t last long. Holy Scripture also references many animals, including bears and lions. Who would win in a contest between these two opponents?
In one corner are Elisha’s bears. As the prophet was traveling up from Jericho to Bethel (2 Kings 2:23-25), he was met by a gang of young men. They mocked Elisha saying, “Go on up, baldy!” Their mockery was not based on Elisha’s uphill walk, but rather was a reference to Elijah’s recent ascension. Thus, they were challenging God’s prophet to follow suit, as if the ascension were a joke.Read More »Elisha’s Bears vs. Judah’s Lion