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Every other month we get an update on what’s been happening recently at ourImmanuel Lutheran High School, College and Seminary in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Though spring is normally the busiest season at Immanuel, this year we had quite an eventful time leading up to Thanksgiving break. On November 10, we hosted College Visitors’ Day, which always coincides with our fall musical. On November 18, our students dressed up and enjoyed their formal dinner, served by faculty and staff.

The following descriptions of these events are taken from our new blog, “What’s Happening at Immanuel?” ( This blog, curated by Professor Ross Roehl, provides an excellent way to keep up with activities and events at ILC.

Girls dorm thankfulness pumpkin
Girls dorm thankfulness pumpkin

Immanuel Lutheran College Visitors’ Day

College Visitor’s Day was a great success again this year. Faculty members offered presentations on such subjects as “Topology,” “Greek: The Bible in High-Def,” introductions to the Education and Pre-Theology Programs, and “Why Should I Come to Immanuel for College?” A highlight of the day was the presentation by the CLC Recruiter, Pastor Sam Rodebaugh. With his unique, engaging style, Pastor Rodebaugh explained how pursuing a career in the full-time pastoral ministry fulfilled his life’s deepest desires – especially the desire to help people! Thirty or so students were in attendance—mostly high school juniors. If you are interested in finding out about Immanuel for college, contact Academic Dean Paul Naumann (

Cast of formal dinner murder mystery
Cast of formal dinner murder mystery

What a Weekend!

The ILC Theatre Guild presented its fall musical, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, on November 10th-11th. Due to some issues beyond their control, directors Trinity Mayhew and George Carstensen had a shorter amount of time than usual to put together the production. However, through hard work and (lots of) practice, the musical came together wonderfully and was a real treat to watch.

Cast of Beauty and the Beast
Cast of Beauty and the Beast

One of the challenging aspects of this particular musical was its large cast, which involved thirty-four students as actors and actresses. Beyond that, however, we also had many students working behind the scenes on makeup, lighting, sound, and set construction and painting. It is truly amazing that a smaller school such as ours can put on such a large production and do it so well! That we are able to do so speaks very highly of the God-given talent and dedication of our students.

A Fun Night for the Immanuel Family

For many years the Activities Committee has planned a “Formal Dinner” for the student body. The committee chooses a theme, plans decorations and photo ops, chooses music, etc. The student body dresses up and partakes of a special meal and enjoys some unique entertainment. Prof. Rodebaugh has prepared the food for the last several years but is calling it quits after this year. Prior to that we’ve had a number of people serve in that role as food preparer, oftentimes the school cook that year. There have been many, like Kathy Sydow, who led the effort for several years. We will be looking for someone to step up next year.

The entertainment has been performed by the faculty over the years and has varied from The Legend of the Emerald Knight and the Crystal Princess to skits fitting the theme, to original movies like Scooby Doo and the Gradebook Wizard and Louie Lancer and the Lunchy Pail. This year a large group of parents joined a few of the faculty and staff members to present a murder mystery. Both the actors and the students tried to discover the guilty party-goer and his motive.

Dr. Daniel Schierenbeck is President of Immanuel Lutheran College in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.