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Bread of Life Readings, October 2023

TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date Hymns Reading Comments
October 2 TLH 447 / LSB 664 Jeremiah 1 The Lord calls Jeremiah to serve as a prophet. The Lord commands Jeremiah to prophesy destruction for the people of Judah. The people will oppose Jeremiah, but the Lord will be with him.
October 3 TLH 149 / LSB 435 Jeremiah 2 The Israelites have abandoned their God. As a result, foreign nations will invade and conquer Israel.
October 4 TLH 495 Jeremiah 3 The Lord compares His people to an unfaithful wife. The Lord calls Israel to repentance, promising to send faithful shepherds to care for His people.
October 5 TLH 421 / LSB 688 Jeremiah 4 The Lord invites His people to return to Him. The Lord declares to Judah disaster from the north. The Lord expresses deep anguish over the destruction that His people have brought on themselves.
October 6 TLH 574 / LSB 892 Isaiah 5 The unfaithful people of the Lord are like an unfruitful vineyard. Isaiah pronounces judgment on those who disobey the commands of the Lord.
October 7 TLH 380 / LSB 565 Philippians 3 Believers in Christ are righteous by faith, not by works of the flesh. Having been declared righteous in Christ, we are privileged to serve the Lord faithfully as we grow in grace through His Word.
October 9 TLH 367 / LSB 531 Revelation 4 John sees God on His throne, surrounded by twenty-four elders seated on thrones. Four living creatures praise God and the twenty-four elders cast down their crowns and praise God.
October 10 TLH 344 / LSB 812 Revelation 5 John sees a scroll sealed with seven seals. Jesus, appearing as a slain Lamb, takes the scroll to open it. The twenty-four elders praise Jesus. The angelic armies praise Jesus. All creatures praise Jesus.
October 11 TLH 604 Revelation 6 Jesus opens six of the seven seals.
October 12 TLH 656 / LSB 676 Revelation 7 A great multitude of people from every nation, clothed in white and holding palm branches, declares the praises of God. Angels join in worshiping God.
October 13 TLH 200 / LSB 461 Isaiah 25 Isaiah praises the God of our salvation, the God Who has promised to destroy death forever!
October 14 TLH 72 / LSB 515 Philippians 4 Paul closes his letter to the Christians of Philippi with words of encouragement and final greetings.
October 16 TLH 153 / LSB 451 Matthew 22 Jesus tells the parable of the wedding feast. Jesus perfectly answers a trick question of the Pharisees regarding paying taxes to Caesar. Jesus perfectly answers a trick question of the Sadducees regarding marriage in the resurrection. Jesus perfectly summarizes the law: love God and love your neighbor. Jesus teaches the Pharisees from Psalm 110 that the Messiah is both the Son of David and the Lord of David.
October 17 TLH 326 / LSB 608 Jeremiah 5 The rebellious people of Jerusalem have sinned against the Lord and have refused to repent. Therefore the Lord threatens judgment.
October 18 TLH 522 / LSB 615 Jeremiah 6 The Lord continues describing the coming judgment of Jerusalem.
October 19 TLH 320 / LSB 610 Jeremiah 7 The Lord invites His people to return to Him and to reject falsehood. Even so, the people continue to sin against the Lord and to worship false gods. Again the Lord foretells terrible destruction for the people of Judah.
October 20 TLH 437 / LSB 714 Jeremiah 8 Even in their graves, the wicked will find no rest; death is not the end for the righteous or for the wicked. The Lord continues proclaiming judgment. Jeremiah grieves for his fellow Judeans.
October 21 TLH 293 / LSB 693 1 Thessalonians 1 Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy praise and thank the Lord for the faithfulness of the Thessalonian believers.
October 23 WS 739 / LSB 650 1 Thessalonians 2 Paul reminds the Thessalonians of his ministry among them when he visited them. Paul yearns to visit Thessalonica again.
October 24 TLH 297 / LSB 580 Romans 1 Paul greets the Christians in Rome, whom he longs to visit in person. Believers in Christ are righteous by faith. God reveals His wrath against the unrighteousness of mankind.
October 25 TLH 377 / LSB 555 Romans 2 The judgment of God is righteous and just. Those who would escape the judgment of God by their good works must obey the entire Law perfectly.
October 26 TLH 375 / LSB 568 Romans 3 No one is justified before God by obeying the Law. On the contrary, the Law exposes our sin. The Law reveals the problem, not the solution. True righteousness before God is received freely by faith in Jesus Christ.
October 27 TLH 505 Revelation 14 John sees the redeemed of the earth. A flying angel proclaims the Gospel to everyone on earth. The judgment will be glorious for those who are righteous by faith, but terrifying for the unrighteous.
October 28 TLH 261 / LSB 655 John 8 Jesus absolves the woman caught in adultery. Jesus proclaims Himself to be the light of the world. Jesus speaks harsh words to the Jews who are plotting to kill Him.
October 30 TLH 129 / LSB 409 Romans 15 Paul continues urging those who are strong to bear with those who are weak, following the example of Christ. Christ has provided hope for Jews and Gentiles alike. Paul reflects on his work of proclaiming the Gospel among the Gentiles and expresses his hope to visit Rome on his way to Spain.
October 31 WS 743 / LSB 802 Romans 16 Paul closes his letter with personal greetings, a warning to avoid false teachers, and praise to the Lord.

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