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Benjamin Hansen

Age: 24
Program: Education
Year in School: Senior

Where were you born?
Markesan, Wisconsin
Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Markesan, and attended Faith Lutheran School.
Married? Unmarried? Tell us about your family.
I’m not married. I have one brother, Josh. My parents, Martin and Shawn, live in North Dakota, as do several other relatives.
What hobbies, sports or extra curriculars interest you?
I like video games, talking with friends, and puzzles. I enjoy playing basketball and football.
Tell us one thing about yourself that most people don’t know.
I really enjoy talking to people, friends, and family. However, I am a bit of an introvert at the same time, so it often takes a while for me to warm up to people.
Which academic subjects especially interest you?
I especially enjoy religion, math, and science.
How did you first come to consider the public teaching or preaching ministry as a career?
I have always had it in the back of my mind ever since grade school. However, I decided to try engineering first, since I thought I might like it. I had always been interested in how things work, and in physics specifically. After trying engineering, I decided that teaching would be a better field for me. I really enjoy working with kids and hope to share my interest in how things work with them.
What have you appreciated most about your time at ILC?
Meeting new people is what I enjoyed most about ILC. Getting to find new friends to talk to and interact with is something I have always enjoyed. Living in the dorms was perfect for that. It was enjoyable to meet people from all over, and to discuss topics that people my age are concerned about.
What qualities do you think will most be needed by the future leaders of the church?
Determination . . . there will be many trials ahead in the ministry, and the ability to push forward despite all obstacles will be a great help.
Hard work . . . there is a lot of work needed to be done to combat errors of false doctrine and practice. We need to be willing to expend whatever effort is required to fight all errors.
Empathy . . . too often we see others through the Law and judge them. We need to remember that God judges, and we trust Him to do what is right. We must strive to understand our brethren’s troubles and help them as best as we are able.