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June 2017


TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date Verse Reading Comments

Jun 1 TLH 225 John 6:60-71 The Spirit gives life through the Word of Christ.

Jun 2WS 739Acts 2:1-21The Spirit moves His people to prophesy—to tell the world of salvation through Jesus.

Jun 3 TLH 210 Acts 2:22-36 Jesus is truly the Son of God, the appointed Savior for all people.

Jun 5 WS 752, LSB 603; Acts 2:37-47 Baptism is for all because the promise is for all, adults and children of all ages alike.

Jun 6 TLH 234 Acts 9:1-9 Jesus rescues one of His enemies. What love and grace!

Jun 7 TLH 231 Acts 9:10-22 The Holy Spirit turned Saul’s heart so quickly that it baffled the Jews, but we rejoice at the power of God and each soul won for Christ.

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True Pentecostalism


Pentecostalism has gained popularity in recent years. While it uses the name of one of the church festivals, Pentecostalism is not biblical. It is an idea that searches for proof of God’s power outside the means of grace. Adherents pray for gifts of speaking in tongues or divine healing based on the strength of their faith in God. While true Lutheranism is focused on the principle of Scripture alone, Pentecostalism looks for God outside of the Bible. It’s a completely misguided idea that appeals perfectly to our selfish sinful nature.

Let us instead consider Pentecost as it is revealed in Acts 2. 

Many people had gathered in Jerusalem for the Feast of Weeks (Leviticus 23:15-22). The twelve apostles (Matthias had replaced Judas Iscariot) were gathered together as they heard the sound of a rushing wind. They had tongues of fire rest upon them and were “filled with the Holy Spirit,” (Acts 2:4) Who enabled them to speak in foreign languages. Clearly the Holy Spirit was poured out on the apostles and other early New Testament Christians in a special way as they spoke in tongues, healed others (Acts 3), and even raised the dead (Acts 20:8-10).

The Spirit equipped them for the task at hand. Gathered at Pentecost were the same apostles who had deserted the Son of God as He was led to the cross. Yet now, less than two months later, they boldly proclaimed the name of Jesus, no longer afraid to speak on their Savior’s behalf. These men, some of them former fishermen, found their sea legs in their new role as fishers of men. The Holy Spirit filled them with much-needed courage.Read More »True Pentecostalism

Gifts Galore


Did you know that there are over 30,000 different species of fish in our world? Scientists, and others who keep track of these things, tell us there are about 300,000 different species of plants for our enjoyment. But the granddaddy of diversity goes to the insect kingdom with a whopping 950,000 different kinds of insects and more being described or discovered nearly daily! No doubt about it, our God is a God of variety and diversity. The diversity of plant and animal life that God has given us is astounding! However, the riotous variety of colors, sounds, tastes and abilities of nature that God has provided pales in comparison to the variety of abilities He has provided the crown of His creation, mankind.

Throughout history we see many examples of the relentless curiosity of man expanding or expounding on our knowledge of God’s creation. Although man’s inquisitiveness may at times get him into trouble, we often have the opportunity to praise God because of the creative abilities of others.Read More »Gifts Galore

Hymn 226 “Come, Oh Come, Thou Quickening Spirit”


Think a moment about your daily prayers. To whom do you pray?

The obvious answer would be, “I pray to God, of course.” But press the question a bit further, and you might respond, “I pray to the one true God; the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” Don’t stop there. Keep riding that train of thought.

In my own case, I often pause before I start praying, and meditate a moment on the astonishing thing that is about to happen: I, a sinful speck of flesh and blood, am about to actually speak to the creator of the universe; the eternal, almighty, holy God; the “I Am” of the Old Testament—and He will be attentive to what I say. Amazing truth! This “meditative pause before prayer” puts me in a right frame of mind. It reminds me of the solemnity of prayer and of the astounding privilege which we—solely for Jesus’ sake—have in being able to directly address God.

Usually, at least in my prayers, my “default” perceptual framework is that I am speaking to God the Father. Somewhat less often, I consciously address my prayers to God the Son—Jesus Christ. Seldom, however, do I address my prayers specifically to God the Holy Spirit. Ironic, isn’t it? It is, after all, God the Holy Spirit Who created saving faith in me in the first place. It is God the Holy Spirit Who day by day sustains that faith, also through the Means of Grace. It is the Holy Spirit Who empowers me to use my gifts in a God-pleasing manner. It is even the Holy Spirit Who helps me to pray. Of the three Persons of the Triune God, it is the Holy Spirit Whom the Bible most directly connects with my day-to-day life as a Christian; and ironically, it is the Holy Spirit about Whom I think least often when my thoughts are upon God.Read More »Hymn 226 “Come, Oh Come, Thou Quickening Spirit”