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Date / Verse / Reading Comments

TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; [ ] = Biblical Events Noted

Sept 1 TLH 25 Nahum 1:2-9 The Lord is caring and good, but He is also just. His mercy and justice are not incompatible. Trust in Him and live.

Sept 2 TLH 455 2 Kings 24:10-17 “As the Lord had declared,” Babylon marched against Jerusalem and the exile began. Would Judah truly understand why? [Hannah Prays for a Son]

Sept 3 TLH 105:1-4 1 Chronicles 3:1-24 This might appear just a “dry” genealogy, but notice how David is central—even as his house was central to the promise of a Savior.

Sept 5 TLH 57 Acts 24:5-21 Even while he defended himself, Paul continued to proclaim the truth
of the Gospel. [Zacharias and the Angel]

Sept 6 TLH 59 1 Chronicles 11:1-9 Chronicles reviews the same history as Samuel and Kings, but from a post-exile perspective emphasizing God’s faithfulness.

Sept 7 TLH 285 1 Chronicles 14:8-17 A Christian heart that trusts the Lord looks to Him for guidance.

Sept 8 TLH 434 Psalm 106 This condensed history of God’s people highlights both their sins and God’s merciful promise of forgiveness. Praise the Lord!

Sept 9 TLH 497 Acts 26:1-29 “Do you think in such a short time you can persuade me to be a Christian?” (v. 28) Paul did not think it impossible (v. 29).

Sept 10 TLH 522 Psalm 107 Consider the great love of the Lord toward the needy and those in trouble. All you who are wise, trust in Him!

Sept 12 TLH 105:5-8 1 Chronicles 17:16-27 The promise to establish David’s house was key in the promise to send the Christ. David thus prayed with faith in Jesus, too.

Sept 13 TLH 511 Psalm 89 David’s kingdom is established forever in Jesus Christ, the greatest King from David’s line—who still lives and reigns.

Sept 14 WS 776 Psalm 111 The Lord’s Word and His redemption stand forever and ever.

Sept 15 TLH 512 Acts 28:16-31 “The Word they still shall let remain. . . .” Yes, even when the Lord’s ambassador was under arrest.

Sept 16 TLH 371:1-2 Ephesians 1:1-2:9 Chosen, adopted, made alive, saved—and all by the hand of our God. What wondrous love this is!

Sept 17 TLH 549 Psalm 121 Right up there with Psalm 23, this is a beautiful song for all time. Remember too that Israel here includes you (Rom 4:16).

Sept 19 TLH 633 1 Chronicles 22:14-23:5 Solomon would build the temple, but David joyfully gathered the materials and urged all to seek the Lord and His work.

Sept 20 TLH 375 1 Chronicles 25:1-8 The ministry of the Word also came through music. The Lutheran church today continues this heritage, preaching in song.

Sept 21 TLH 550 Ephesians 4:1-6 With such a variety of personalities in the Church, keeping the peace takes effort—and a close eye on the Gospel (v. 1).

Sept 22 WS 735 Psalm 91 The Lord will be with us not only in times of trouble, but promises to deliver
His children from it. [Jonah and the Great Fish]

Sept 23 TLH 393 Psalm 71 These are healing words for the Christian feeling pursued by the enemies of God: Satan, heathen world, and sinful nature.

Sept 24 TLH 371:7 Psalm 150 Praise Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for mighty deeds of forgiveness and love. Give praise with everything you have!

Sept 26 TLH 371:3 Colossians 1:15-23 Christ is true God, Whose death was valuable enough to make peace between you and your Heavenly Father.

Sept 27 TLH 371:5 Colossians 2:6-15 In Baptism you are buried with Christ, counted as if you had died for your sin. And you rise with Christ to new life now, too.

Sept 28 TLH 371:4 Philemon 1-24 “What Christ has done for us with God the Father, that St. Paul does also for Onesimus with Philemon” (Martin Luther).

Sept 29 TLH 371:6 Philippians 4:4-7 God’s peace, greater than the peace your own mind can give, shall guard you. So rejoice and pray always!

Sept 30 TLH 605 Jude 17-23 Where to turn for strength in these ungodly days? Lean on God’s love, His forgiveness for you in Christ.