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July 2015 Bread of Life

Written by Lutheran Spokesman | June, 2015
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July 2015

TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941;   WS  = Worship Supplement 2000;   SC  = Martin Luther’s Small Catechism;
[  ] = Minor Festivals or commemorations in the Christian Church Year

Jul 1 Lamentations 3:22-33 TLH 537
What can hardship profit a person? How about as an opportunity to observe the Lord’s compassion?

Jul 2 Matthew 7:1-5 SC Confession I
Some use this to excuse sin (“Don’t judge me!”).  But Jesus doesn’t say not to point out sin, but rather that we should avoid hypocrisy.

Jul 3 2 Corinthians 8:1-9 TLH 97:3
The riches we have in Christ overflow, often in the form of rich generosity.

Jul 4 Acts 22:17-29 TLH 575
Paul used his citizenship to further the preaching of the gospel. How might you use your citizenship to God’s glory?

Jul 6 Isaiah 12:1-6 PS 124
[Commemoration of Isaiah]  As in His famous 40th chapter, Isaiah here, too, rejoices that God comforts His people with the gospel of salvation.

Jul 7 Mark 6:1-13 PS 119:57-64
Only the Word of God can turn the unbelieving heart, so Jesus sends out His disciples with that Word.

Jul 8 Acts 9:1-22 PS 119:65-72
Yes, the Word of God can even work on the worst of sinful hearts.

Jul 9 Ezekiel 2:1-5 PS 123
A rebellious person may not listen to the Word of God, but we preach it regardless of the reaction.

Jul 10 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 TLH 427
Our troubles serve to highlight God’s grace and mercy—and keep us from thinking too highly of ourselves.

Jul 11 Exodus 3:1-15 TLH 455
Do you wonder how many Israelites thought God wasn’t listening? Truth is, He heard them all along (v. 9).

Jul 13 Romans 6:12-18 PS 99
Whom do you serve? Not sin, for Christ has done away with it at the cross! Rather serve righteousness.

Jul 14 Genesis 4:3-16 SC Command. Concl.
The sin of murder stands out, but so does God’s patient mercy. Look how He spared Cain in hopes he would repent!

Jul 15 Amos 7:7-15 PS 81
Who holds the “plumb line” in your life? A pastor or friend who shows you when you are sinfully off-center?

Jul 16 Ruth 1:1-17 WS 763
[Commemoration of Ruth] It was more than family ties that made Ruth want to stay with Naomi. She was drawn to Naomi’s God

.Jul 17 Ephesians 1:3-14 TLH 372
Are you ever troubled by your sins or afraid you might not be a child of God? Then remember God chose you!

Jul 18 Mark 6:14-29 SC Commandment II When you speak rashly, try repenting rather than worrying about what the dinner guests might think.

Jul 20 1 Kings 17:1-24 WS 761
[Commemoration of Elijah]  The widow received her son back alive, but the miracle had an important side-effect: it confirmed Elijah’s preaching (v. 24).

Jul 21 Ezekiel 3:17-21 PS 85
[Commemoration of Ezekiel] God made Ezekiel a watchman, and he faithfully watched, speaking words both of woe and blessing during his ministry.

Jul 22 Matthew 27:55-28:7 WS 727
[Festival of St. Mary Magdalene]Mary’s faithfulness to Jesus is truly exemplary, but what Jesus did for her is worthy of greater praise.

Jul 23 Matthew 18:15-22 SC Confession II-IV
The goal of church discipline is to restore the sinner to the right relationship to God and other Christians

Jul 24 Mark 6:30-44 PS 103
Jesus’ vacation gets interrupted, but instead of being upset, Jesus gives the crowds the Word they dearly need.

Jul 25 Acts 12:1-10 TLH 259
[St. James the Elder, Apostle] You may remember Peter’s famous escape, but you may not remember how James’s martyrdom led up to it.

Jul 27 Ephesians 3:14-21 TLH 235
A model prayer that we might pray while having a friend, or anyone else, in mind.

Jul 28 Genesis 9:8-17 PS 106
God is good at giving us reminders of His promises. A rainbow here, a bronze snake later, then even an empty tomb.

Jul 29 John 11:5 PS 136:1-9
[Mary, Martha, and Lazarus] Meditate on this one verse—and add your name to the end of the sentence.

Jul 30 Mark 6:45-56 PS 56
When Jesus says to you, “Don’t be afraid!” He says it as one who has power to override even the most certain laws of nature.

Jul 31 Mark 15:43-47 TLH 429
[Joseph of Arimathea] Joseph was a secret disciple (cf. Jn 19:38), but here we see his boldness growing when his Savior’s cross is on his mind.

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