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FROM the Sunday Church Bulletin of Messiah Lutheran Church, Hales Corners (Milwaukee), Wisconsin, January 26, 2014; CLC President Michael Eichstadt is pastor:

The following is from Pastor Jyothi Benjamin in India describing the escalating persecution of Christians in the areas of their ministry:

Still we have been facing some problem in various places of Andhra Pradesh. A group of Hindu activists have attacked one of our CLCI Pastors in Kakinada yesterday. Around 9:00 p.m., a group of six people knocked at the pastor’s door and requested to meet pastor urgently and when our pastor opened the door, those people jumped on him and stuffed his mouth with cloth and tied his hands and legs. One of those people sprinkled chili powder in his eyes to blind him and beat him severely. Hearing the loud cries of pastor’s wife, neighbors came and those people fled from the scene. Our pastor is admitted in Yashoda hospital, Kakinada. He is OK right now. With this incident now our pastors in East Godavari are little bit shivered. This is all because of the clashes between Hindus and Christians. We regret to inform you that we have been hearing the same attempts on all pastors in and around the Kakinada area. Under these serious consequences, since many of those people are gathering information about our pastors and about our evangelism activities, Rev. Wycliffe from Kakinada suggested that it would be wise to stop our CLCI evangelistic activities for one or two months at Kakinada and its surroundings. Please pray for our CLCI pastors.

What they had not heard they shall consider.
(from Isaiah 52:15)

The above note is reprinted with permission as a follow-up to our “Three Hammer Blows of Matthew Chapter 10” editorial in last month’s issue of the Lutheran Spokesman. “Let none hear you idly saying, ‘There is nothing I can do…’.” Brothers and sisters of the Church of the Lutheran Confession, we can and should be praying for those who are enduring persecution within our international church family.