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Storms, Thunder, and Joyous “Hail!”

Written by Paul Koch
Post Date: July, 2013
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That’s not a weather report, but the theme of the ILC Spring Concert presented on Friday evening, May 17, 2013, at Messiah Lutheran Church of Eau Claire under the direction of Prof. John C. Reim. This theme was right on target, for choir instrumentalists stormed the audience with brass and percussive thunder aplenty. The Church’s […] Read More


Written by Joseph Lau
Post Date: July, 2013
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The recent bombings at the Boston Marathon highlight once again how quickly life can be lost. Even most of the unbelieving world would recognize that this act was wrong. Most would also agree that when the older brother was shot by authorities in a shoot—out, killing him  was not murder. The obvious question then is, […] Read More