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Storms, Thunder, and Joyous “Hail!”

That’s not a weather report, but the theme of the ILC Spring Concert presented on Friday evening, May 17, 2013, at Messiah Lutheran Church of Eau Claire under the direction of Prof. John C. Reim. This theme was right on target, for choir instrumentalists stormed the audience with brass and percussive thunder aplenty.

The Church’s One Foundation, Easter Triumph, and Great Day were launched with ear-splitting energy, offset with subdued Excerpts from Handel’s Messiah, What Wondrous Love Is This, and Only God. Throbbing bongo drums accompanied Bwana Asifiwe (Swahili for “Praise the Lord”), counterbalanced by the more somber Da Pacem, Domine (Latin for “Give Peace, Lord.”) The entire concert of fourteen selections will probably be available on a CD at a later date.

One beaming visitor noted that the concert made her ears and heart ring!



 The Immanuel Lutheran College Commencement service was celebrated on Saturday morning, May 18, 2013, in the campus auditorium packed with graduates, faculty, family, and friends.

ILC President Steven Sippert’s message, “Your Immanuel experience is meant to be forever; take Jesus and His Word with you wherever you go” was based on the Spirit’s assurances in His Word of 2 Timothy 1:12b-14. The salvation which the Apostle Paul banked on is reserved in heaven also for us, and Satan’s attempts to rob us of our heavenly deposit can be overcome by taking Jesus and His Word with us wherever we go. This deposit we guard and keep via the indwelling Holy Spirit—until our Ultimate Graduation reunites us with Jesus forever.FrankSaraTester_grad13_Web

The ILC Seminary department provided no graduates this year; in the college department three young men received Bachelor of Arts degrees in Pre-Theological studies, two students received Bachelor of Science degrees in Education, and another two received Associate of Arts degrees.

Thirty-one young men and women received their diplomas in testimony of their academic achievements at Immanuel Lutheran High School.

We thank our Lord Jesus for nourishing these individuals in His Word during their years at ILC and pray that they will continue to bring credit to Him.

“Upon time’s threshold we now stand,
Not knowing what will be at hand—
But come what may, we known that You
Will be with us, steadfast and true.
Now, lead us onward as Your own
And bring us to our heavenly home.

  (v. 4 of We Thank Thee, Lord, by John Pfeiffer)



NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Prof. Em. Paul R. Koch, who resides in Eau Claire, has long been our man on the spot for reporting on ILC events. Specifically, each spring Prof. Koch uses the byline “From the Back Row” under which he gives a first-hand report of the school’s commencement doings. We thank him again this year!