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This Blessed Brokenness

“Make me hear joy and gladness,
That the bones You have broken may rejoice.” Psalm 51:8

This heart of mine
keeps giving in
to hosts of sin
that live within.

I rage without.
I lie and doubt,
steal and kill,
cheat and hate,
blaspheme Your name,
and fornicate.

My heart grows cold;
my bones wax old
with grief; nights spent
with tears, eyes rent.

Your Word cuts through
my thoughts, my words,
the things I do;
my sins are known to You.

Your Word speaks, “Peace!
Be still, the storm
of sin and death
and hearts war-torn.”

Your Victor
does appear
with prints of nails
and scar of spear.

He bids me eat
the Victor’s meal:
the body broken
for me to heal.

He bids me drink
from Victor’s cup:
the blood He shed
to raise me up.

You break me down
to build me up.
How sweet to drink
this bitter cup!

My sins confessed;
my heart at rest.
What joy …
this blessed brokenness!

Poem by Teacher Chad Seybt • Okabena, Minnesota