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For many years, O God of grace…

It doesn’t take long to get acquainted with Michael Buck, and decades aren’t long enough to cover the territory.

Prof. Buck has fascinating stories to tell of his early years in Austin, Minnesota, followed by military service during the late ‘60s, graduate school at Minnesota State University, Mankato, and settling upon microbiology as his chosen field of endeavor.

Along the way, he met Bebe Kadghin. They married (May 24, 1969) and were blessed with two children before Mike was called by our Lord to full-time service in a familiar corner of His vineyard, the CLC’s Immanuel Lutheran College in Eau Claire. He arrived in 1975, and thirty-six years have since passed into history.

During those years Prof. Buck has shared his talents and skills with an ever-changing student body. Besides teaching classes in biology, science, math, health, chemistry, etc., he served as ILC’s Athletic Director (since 1976) and at various times has coached volleyball, cross-country, baseball, and softball teams. Due in large part to his imprint on ILC sports activities and athletics, ILC acquired recognition in local and West-Central Wisconsin sports communities.

We could mention his contributions to ILC Youth Camps, bus-driving, and athletic field and gym maintenance—but we’re surely going to miss something that ranks up there with the ILC Audio-Visual program that was also his domain for decades.

Mike carries his years with gentlemanly warmth and unstinting dedication. He grows on you, you know!

For example, in answer to the question, “What would you want our Spokesman readership to know about your life?”, he responded in his soft-spoken way, “This has been my calling, my way of life–not a job.”

Those who share that philosophy know well enough how even extra-curriculars get taken care of at ILC when there are such willing hearts and strength to serve.

Prof. and Mrs. Buck will be living on State Street not far from professors’ row at ILC and hope (Lord-willing) to enjoy traveling, exploring old and new far-away places, fishing, camping, and being grandparents to the children next-door.

As they do so, we join them in crediting God for all that He has done, is doing, and will yet do for the likes of us:

God the Father, Son, and Spirit,
Ever-blessed Trinity,

Humbly now our thanks we offer,
All unworthy tho’ we be.

Freely Thou hast showered blessings Countless as the ocean’s sands,

Blessings rich and overflowing
On the labors of our hands.

God of grace and love and blessing,
Thine alone shall be the praise;

Give us hearts to trust Thee truly,
Hands to serve Thee all our days.

Lord, bestow Thy future blessing
Till we join the heav’nly host,

There to praise and serve Thee ever,
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  Amen.

(TLH #640:1,4)