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Our Amazing God…

The Pentecost devotions remind us of the crucial role of God the Holy Spirit in our individual Christian lives. The same Spirit is wonderfully active in our wider work as a synod, as explained in the following words in the Board of Missions report to the June Convention.

What an amazing thing it is that instead of choosing angels, who are holy, vast in number, and supernaturally swift in moving about to serve as His messengers in a worldwide mission effort, the Lord chose sinful human beings who were few in number and slow of foot to carry out this critical role. Equally amazing is the fact that God made it possible for them to spread the gospel so far and so wide in such a relatively brief amount of time.

Fast forward to our times wherein we continue to be amazed at how God makes it possible for the good news of salvation to be spread across the globe. Similar to the times of the apostles, the Lord has established the English language as the universal language. To speed the travel of Christian witnesses across the world, God has given us jet planes. In order to disseminate the truths of His Word of truth to total strangers in different countries of the world, the Lord has blessed us with the worldwide web of the internet. And still to our amazement God continues to use imperfect Christians who are relatively few in number to serve as His messengers.

In view of all that God has made possible for our little synod in world missions, we thank Him for the opportunity to have a part in sharing the gospel in countries other than the United States, such as India, Nepal, Myanmar, Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Canada, and Australia.

God be praised for all that He does in making it possible for the gospel of salvation to be spread both far and wide throughout the world!