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50th Anniversary Greetings From the NCLC

Written by Patrick Udo | November, 2010
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Fellow Redeemed in Christ,

May the Lord speak well of you all in the name of Jesus.

Please, rest assured that we are with you, in spirit and in truth, in the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the blessed Church of the Lutheran Confession. It is, indeed, an event of statistical significance. It is worthy of much rejoicing with heartfelt thanksgiving to the Lord for the privilege, through His all-sufficient grace.


Pastor Udo with Mr. Erpenstein

When one looks back over the years to see how our church body has grown from her embryonic stage to a congregation of believing souls, it is inspiring and marvelous. It is marvelous, what the creeping hands of yesterday are bringing to us today. It is a lesson for us, not to despise the creeping hands of today.

Our heartfelt thanksgiving goes to the omniscient God of missions for the CLC – Nigeria mission work. As a privilege, through His grace, the Lord is using NCLC mission work to accomplish much for His kingdom; a thoroughfare reaching out to other parts of Africa, with the saving Gospel. Glory goes to God alone.

Memorial thanksgiving goes to the Lord, in honor of Mr. Oscar Erpenstein, for having used him, as instrument to open the mind and heart of those who knew not, and knew what they knew not, to know that they knew not. Mr. Erpenstein was in the flock shepherded by the Rev. Rollin Reim, St. Stephen Lutheran (CLC) Millbrae, California.


Pastor Udo with Pastor Benson at the mission house in Efa, Nigeria.

We cannot forget mentioning with thanksgiving to the Lord, the two missionaries, Carl Thurow and Norbert Reim, who came to give us the name NCLC in 1974, and our pioneer resident missionary, Pastor Dave Koenig. His exemplary Christian faith with his costly courageous steadfastness is written in the history of CLC – Nigeria mission work, with thanksgiving to the Lord.

Praise God. In spite of all oppressions, havocs of the devil, there is CLC in NCLC. So, truth is never suppressed.

Meanwhile, love to all in the CLC, with special regard to the Rev. Paul R. Gurgel. He has a large, edifying paragraph in the annals of the CLC – Nigeria mission work.

Please, for your information, the Rev. Pastor E. E. Essien is gone to rest in the Lord. Burial is fixed on August 14, 2010. The family expects missionaries Koenig, Paul, Ude and others to attend the burial.

Grace, mercy and peace be with you from God the Father and from Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father in truth and love.

Pat Udo

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