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Coordinating Council

The Coordinating Council will meet at Immanuel Lutheran College in Eau Claire April 10, 11, 2002. Board meetings begin on the 7th or 8th of April according to the discretion of the respective boards. Sessions of the Coordinating Council will begin after chapel on April 10.

–Daniel Fleischer, President


Regretfully, fellowship with Divine Word Lutheran Church, Preston, Minnesota, has been terminated. This termination of fellowship acknowledges that there is a difference between the CLC and that with which the congregation is identified with regard to “speaking in tongues.”

–Daniel Fleischer, President

Call For Nominations

The Board of Regents for Immanuel Lutheran College invites nominations for the office of ILC president, since the current term of Professor John Pfeiffer expires May 31, 2002.

All pastors, professors, male teachers, and voting members of the CLC are entitled to nominate a man from the faculty of Immanuel to serve a two-year term beginning June 1, 2002. Nominations must be written or e-mailed ( and received by the undersigned no later than midnight March 1.

Mr. Tom Beekman
ILC Board of Regents
3087 Skyhawk Dr.
Eau Claire, WI 54703

CLC Volleyball Tournament

This tournament will be hosted by Berea congregation of Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota on Saturday, April 13. Registration deadline is March 22, 2002. Questions may be addressed to Melanie Sydow at 651-994-7894 or

–Pastor David Schierenbeck