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2001 CLC Teachers Conference

Last October the members of Holy Cross, Phoenix, Arizona opened their hearts and homes to the CLC Teachers’ Conference.

Unlike the procedure of previous years, the conference began with a Sunday morning worship/communion service. Pastor Delwyn Maas, pastor of Holy Cross, led the worship. In his sermon he compared the love which a married couple shares and the perfect love Jesus showers on His Church. The service was filled with songs of praise by numerous choirs, with the acceptance of new members, and with a communion service.

The conference officially began with a devotion conducted by chaplain Doug Libby. He emphasized the importance and blessing of the fourth “R” in Christian education. Conference President Karl Olmanson called the conference to order, and roll was taken.

The first paper was written by Professor Joe Lau and was presented by Professor Ross Roehl. The paper reviewed different methods and goals used in the preparation and instruction of religion classes.

Miss Candice Ohlmann followed with an informational presentation aimed at helping students who struggle with reading difficulties. The first day concluded with a meal and a night of recreation at a local park.

Monday began with devotion. In the first of many “power point” presentations, Mr. Ted Quade updated the conference on the concept of inclusion (the belief that students with disabilities should be integrated into the general classroom). Mrs. Beth Kranz led in the singing of many Christian choral pieces designed for children.

Other Presentations

After a wonderful lunch was enjoyed by the teachers, Miss Wendy Greve was given the floor to discuss the many duties performed by a called servant in a congregation. Mrs. Karla Olmanson then examined the emotional and motivational mind-sets involved in a student’s personality. Mrs. Barb Mueller reviewed the book How to Talk So Kids Can Learn, using power point.

The day was topped off with the first of two evening presentations by Dr. David Menton. He outlined Creation over Evolution. His sessions were open to the community, and many people came to hear the gospel message.

The final day of presentations (Wednesday) was opened with devotion. Dr. Menton walked the conference through the power point computer program. He showed the effective uses it has in a classroom.

Following noon lunch, Mr. Craig Owings presented a textbook review in which he compared the benefits and shortfalls of Abeka and Saxon Math programs. Conference concluded with an ideas exchange, a business meeting, and a closing devotion.

Throughout the course of the conference, mini-papers, called “Title Fives,” were presented on a wide range of topics. The topics included Social Studies, ILC Music Fundamentals, Party Ideas, and Dictionary Skills. Holy Cross school board member Barry Zumach outlined strategies to make school boards more efficient.

On Wednesday a tour to the Grand Canyon was also available.

The Lord blessed the 2001 Conference with great food, fun, and above all, fellowship. It was truly a gift from God.

Blest be the tie that binds
Our hearts in Christian love;
The fellowship of kindred minds
Is like to that above. (TLH 464:1)

–Submitted by Teacher Kurt Koenig