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Gene Schreyer Retires

On June 11, 2000 Immanuel Lutheran Church, Mankato, Minnesota celebrated Mr. Gene Schreyer’s teaching ministry in its Lutheran High School. The following information comes by adaptation from the celebration folder. — Editor

Gene was born to Roman and Irma Schreyer on January 6, 1938 in New Ulm, Minnesota. He attended Lutheran elementary school until the family moved to Mankato, where he continued his education at Immanuel Lutheran Grade School and Bethany Lutheran High School.

His post-secondary education took place at Bethany Junior College, Immanuel Lutheran College (Mankato), and Mankato State College. In 1960 Gene graduated from ILC with a pre-theological degree and from MSC with a B.A. in social studies. He continued his education at Immanuel Lutheran Seminary (graduated in 1963) and Mankato State College (secondary education degree in 1969).

In 1963 Mr. Schreyer accepted a call from Immanuel Lutheran Church to begin a congregational high school in Mankato, when the CLC relocated Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Gene and Principal Clifford Kuehne opened the school in the fall of 1963. When Principal Kuehne accepted a call to serve as pastor at St. John’s of Okabena in 1970, Gene was appointed to the principalship, a position he held for twenty-six years.

Through the years Mr. Schreyer taught a variety of classes–primarily in the social studies, English, and German areas. He has also taught courses in art, religion, and music appreciation. In addition–as anyone associated with Immanuel is aware–Mr. Schreyer was largely responsible for establishing what has become known as the Immanuel Banquet Tradition, often writing and directing the banquet “plays” himself.

Gene married Grace Meyer in 1987. Their marriage has been blessed with three children: Juliana (age 12), Brent (10), and Christiana (8). Mr. Schreyer suffered a herniated disk in October 1999, and a subsequent re-injury led him to resign his call at Immanuel (though Gene hopes to continue to teach on a part-time basis–ed.).

“Throughout his life Gene has pointed to the hand of the Lord guiding and blessing him abundantly. In the same way our church and school have been guided and blessed by Mr. Schreyer through these past thirty-seven years. May the Lord bless Gene and his family, as he has been such a blessing to the ministry of our congregation.” (Celebration folder)