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Historical Markings

Where Have We Been?

Where Are We Going?


The CLC is today a recognized church body. But that in itself does not justify its existence. The questions that demand answers are these: Were the members of the CLC obedient to the Word of the Lord when they “marked and avoided” their former brethren? Are they obedient today–after more than ten years–in continuing their separate, lonely way? Could it be that we deceived ourselves and are living in self-deception? Did we firmly believe, at the time, that we were acting in obedience to the Word of the Lord, while actually being motivated by the flesh? Are we maintaining our separate stance today because of pride, or bitterness, or stubbornness, while we continue to search for justification in the Word for what we have done and are continuing to do? If so we were and are schismatics. Then woe be to us! This is an extremely practical matter. It concerns our daily living in the sight of God, with one another, and over against our former brethren. Either we are living day after day in obedience and so ought to be strengthening one another, or we are living in disobedience and ought to be admonishing one another unto repentance. The Word of our Lord and recent history will give the answers.



We are walking our separate way because we want the saving truths of the Gospel preserved unto ourselves and our children and their children. We are continuing our lonely way so that when we go into the world to make disciples of all nations, we have the Truth to preach and teach. The salvation of our souls and of the souls of others is at stake. Error refuses to remain isolated. It tends to work its way through the body of doctrine in its effort to destroy the heart of the Gospel–justification through faith in Christ Jesus. Error also infects people–with spiritual anemia that causes its victims either to despair of ever knowing the Truth or to become too weak to stand up for the Truth. Error is content at first but to be tolerated. Then it seeks equality with the Truth, and finally it demands complete control. We separated from our former church bodies to guard ourselves and our loved ones against soul-destroying error and to remain what we were called to be–faithful witnesses of our Lord.

To this end help us, Lord Jesus. Amen.

From “Mark . . . Avoid” (lest the hearts of the simple be deceived) Romans 16:17-18 — ORIGIN of the CLC by Rev. Paul F. Nolting