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Historical Markings

Where Have We Been?

Where Are We Going?

On Tuesday morning, September 8, 1959, the high school opened its doors for registration. The enrollment numbered twenty-four–twelve freshmen, three sophomores, four juniors, and five seniors. Professor Dommer conducted the opening service on Wednesday morning, using Psalm 1 as his text, emphasizing that the school would be blessed only if it were founded solely on the rock of God’s Word. He called Immanuel High School “a prayer which God had graciously brought to reality.”

The Service of Dedication and Installation was held at Immanuel Church on Sunday, September 13, 1959. The school was dedicated to the glory of God and to the Scripture-based instruction of His children. The three instructors were installed. Pastor Ralph Schaller preached the sermon on Joshua 14:14, and emphasized: LORD, THIS DAY, BLESS TO US THIS CITADEL OF HEBRON.

The college and seminary departments began with a service conducted by Professor E. Reim on Wednesday evening, September 16. He chose John 17:6-9a for his text and spoke of THE PRECIOUS PRAYER OF CHRIST FOR HIS CHRISTIANS. The college opened with an enrollment of eleven–four freshmen, one sophomore, two juniors, and four seniors. Two men were enrolled in the seminary.

When Immanuel Congregation held its annual meeting on January 11, 1960 Professor Reim reported: “Our bold plan is working. Our school is functioning, and, we believe, with a reasonable degree of success.” He acknowledged the cooperation of men who were serving as part-time instructors–Pastor Gordon Radtke, Pastor C. M. Gullerud, Professor Martin Galstad, Student-teacher Clifford Kuehne, and Pastor Egbert Schaller.

. . . The first year of operation of Immanuel Lutheran College came to an end on June 3, 1960. Professor Martin Galstad preached the sermon on 2 Peter 3:18 and chose as his theme GROW IN GRACE. . . .

The graduating class of 1960 published a yearbook entitled THE LANCE. Its dedicatory inscription said: “It is with great esteem that our graduates and students of 1960 dedicate this first anniversary memento of Immanuel Lutheran College–High School, College, and Seminary departments–to those who have had the God-given courage, faith and foresight to establish our school.”

–From ‘OUR ANNIVERSARY MEMORIAL TO THE LORD’ (Pastor Egbert Albrecht, 1984)