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Fortieth Anniversary Historical Vignettes

vignette (vin-yet’), n. 1. short literary essay; sketch

vignettist (vin-yet’ist), n. a maker of vignettes, painter, photographer, or writer

Dateline: Middleton, Wisconsin


It has been a blessing to have so long a comfort with the CLC. When an organization is not so large, it is not as difficult to hew to Scripture. This is in contrast with larger bodies where diverging views may be promulgated, and as a result some unscriptural positions become official, and thus difficult or impossible later to admit as being of human error.

Looking back personally, it was a privilege to assist the first editor in designing the cover for the Lutheran Spokesman which was used for some six years. Tear-off type fonts at my office in Cheyenne were used, and ever since I have valued “THE SCRIPTURE CANNOT BE BROKEN” (John 10:35).

My other early act was at the CLC organizing meeting at Watertown, South Dakota to provide the proposal that there be an elected organizer and “presider” for conventions. The office of president should not be burdened with so many details.

May our Lord continue to bring a unity of spirit to the CLC! And may we prayerfully receive and preserve it!