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Fortieth Anniversary Historical Vignettes

vignette (vin-yet’), n. 1. short literary essay; sketch

vignettist (vin-yet’ist), n. a maker of vignettes, painter, photographer, or writer

Dateline: Coloma, Michigan


Celebrating forty years of Faith congregation in Coloma, Michigan brings back many memories.

One such memory was leaving a beautiful new church building, built when I was president a few years earlier, when about 80 communicants with their pastor, Ralph Schaller, chose to remain faithful to God’s Word by separating from their former congregation and held their first service on Mother’s Day, May 10, 1959.

Two, was remembering the WELS convention that I was a delegate to in Saginaw, Michigan in 1955, charging the Missouri Synod to “mark . . . and avoid” lest the hearts of the simple be deceived (Romans 16:17-18); and then to hold in abeyance taking any action against them.

Three, also in 1959, was Faith’s charter affiliation with the Church of the Lutheran Confession, whose name was adopted after a committee I served on recommended that name.

Four, the many blessings the Lord of the Church has blessed us with: 1. During our first year obtaining a parsonage with ten acres of land; 2. Dedicating a house of worship constructed by members during the second year; 3. Sharing our pastor with a concerned group of Lutherans in the Sister Lakes area which became Redeemer Lutheran Church; 4. Beginning our Christian Day School in 1974.

Five, the forty years of faithful service given to us by only two pastors, namely, Ralph Schaller and James Sandeen.