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Do you remember your Confirmation day? Many of us remember how spring was in the air. How exciting it is when everything seems to be coming to life after a long winter! It’s a new beginning.

That is quite fitting for confirmation, don’t you think? We should think of confirmation as a new beginning.

Often when the students reach the end of their confirmation preparation, they rejoice, saying, “Yea! No more classes!” Yet we hope and pray that it is not the end but the beginning–the beginning of growing in faith and knowledge.

Other beginnings await. For example, the students are on the threshold of entering high school. Between the hormones, the pressure, and the responsibilities, high school is no time to take time off from God’s Word, but a time to draw even closer to the Lord.

Who do you think is particularly glad that those young people are no longer attending catechism classes? That would be the enemy, the devil.

While the students were in those classes, they were increasing in their knowledge of God’s Word. The enemy is not pleased with that! He wants them to become spiritually flabby. “Wouldn’t it be great,” he thinks, “if these young people get so involved with other activities and interests that they forget much of what they’ve been learning in catechism class? If that happens, then I will be able to pick them off at my leisure.”

That is no way to begin life as a young adult!

‘Easy Pickin’s’?

Many young people take advantage of the vitality of their youth to build their muscles to increase their physical speed and strength. Their youth is an excellent opportunity to get into tip-top shape.

It is also the opportunity to get into better shape spiritually. Without the time constraints and pressures that will come later, these young people can spend extra time with those things that will make their faith stronger and their understanding greater.

One of the best things that can be done is spending time with other young Christians who are devoted to their Lord. In this case, peer pressure can be a great thing! Christian friends encourage, admonish, and comfort each other with God’s Word.

Have you ever seen the way a poor sport acts when he is beaten? He will often fling his hat or helmet against the ground. He may kick the wall in frustration. He may likely mumble or scream in annoyance.

Wouldn’t it be great if that were the way that Satan is compelled to act when he tries to seduce our young people? There is only one way that our young people can avoid becoming “easy pickin’s” for Satan–and that is to continue in the Word and Sacrament!

Satan much prefers that after their confirmaiton these young people would regularly skip church. Also, he’s really hoping that they won’t pick up their Bibles anymore, and he’s counting on them to forget the passages they memorized.

Confirmands, do not allow yourselves to become easy targets! Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Surround yourselves with faithful Christian friends who will build you up.

Parents, pastors, and congregation–do whatever you can to encourage your young people to walk a path of spiritual vitality.

May our young people be a source of joy for the Lord and a constant source of frustration to Satan!

–Pastor Delwyn Maas