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Volunteers and gifts help to maintain ILC in Eau Claire

After witnessing first-hand the fruits of faith of fellow Christians throughout the CLC, I am compelled to pass along this information for all to know, and to encourage more to do the same.

In my three and a half years at Immanuel, I have seen over $50,000 saved in labor costs by individuals giving of their time and talents to work as volunteers. Our man-hours are so limited, and our work load is so diverse that we are always able to put someone’s talents to use.

Volunteers come in all sorts of ways to serve our Lord: some young, some old; some for a day, some for a week (summer rooms are available); some come as a church group, some together as a family, or a couple, and some come alone.

Some are from as close as our own ILC ‘family’ and local congregation, while others from a great distance pitch in when they arrive for a conference or convention. Some come empty-handed (not a problem), others bring tools and materials, even to the point of pulling trailers!

Everyone’s attitude is always the same. They are here to do what is most needed to assist in the maintenance of this gift we have–called ILC!

I have also seen donations come in the form of job materials and equipment, new and used, again saving us thousands of dollars if we were to purchase them. When asked what is needed to help our work, I pull out a list of items which would aid in the care of our building and grounds if we were to have them.

Many offerings also have come in through the ILC Improvement Fund (IIF). These offerings can be given right at your local congregation. This fund has helped in the completion of a good number of larger necessary projects, as well as in the purchase of larger equipment–things which are unobtainable through the general budget. This is a great option for those who find they cannot assist in person because of distance, time, or other factors. This fund has become a necessary means for the maintenance of an aging campus.

Thank you, fellow workers, and thanks be to the Lord for the help He bestowed on Immanuel College at the hands of His servants throughout the CLC. May God bless you for all your fruits.

Anyone interested in assisting in the maintenance of our synod’s college may obtain more information by contacting Luther Sieg at (715) 836-6637; FAX (715) 836-6634; E-mail:

–Submitted by the Immanuel Lutheran College Facilities Manager, Luther Sieg