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Eighth in a Series (from an essay by Pastor Thomas Schuetze)–

Psalm 128

“LORD, grant me the blessing of family happiness.”

A Psalm of Comfort

Psalm 128

    Blessed is every one who fears the LORD, 
who walks in His ways.
    When you eat the labor of your hands, 
you shall be happy, and it shall be well 
with you.
    Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine 
in the very heart of your house, your 
children like olive plants all around your 
table. Behold, thus shall the man be blessed 
who fears the LORD.
    The LORD bless you out of Zion, and may 
you see the good of Jerusalem all the days 
of your life. Yes, may you see your 
children's children.
    Peace be upon Israel!

In this “Song of ascent,” the psalmist teaches that a happy home doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a blessing God graciously bestows on those who are faithful to Him and who, in love for their Lord, strive to “walk in His ways.”

Why was the psalm included in the Songs of Ascents collection? Perhaps it was recognized that the Jewish pilgrims (who were just getting established in the land) needed the comfort and admonition which this psalm offers. Did they wish to enjoy the blessing of a happy home in the land of Canaan? Did husbands and wives desire the blessing of marital happiness? Let them not follow the example of their stubborn, unbelieving forefathers who forsook the Lord. Let them remember their God, serve Him faithfully in love, and follow in the way of His commandments. If they did this, they would experience the blessing of family joy and happiness.

The Lord continues to bestow this precious blessing on Christian families today. Where godliness is “the crown of the home,” where the place of honor is set apart in the heart for Jesus, where He is invited in each day to be the honored Guest, He gladly consents to tarry with His blessing. And there is happiness.