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Minnesota Pastoral Conference

Place: Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, Detroit Lakes, Minn.
Dates: Tuesday-Thursday, October 26-27, beginning at 10:00 a.m. on 

  * Old Testament Exegesis, Obadiah -- Pastor Wayne Eichstadt
  * New Testament Exegesis, 2 Thessalonians 1:6ff -- Pastor Stephen 
  * A study of issues related to dying which could be assembled into 
    pamphlet form -- Pastor Norman Greve
  * A Homiletics "Booster Shot" (Essayist's choice) -- Pastor Theodore 
  * Studies in Luther -- Pastor Paul D. Nolting
  * At what point does questionable practice in an element of a church 
    body become divisive of fellowship? -- Pastor John Ude
  * Group discussion to review the study on the American Legion (1999 
    CLC General Pastoral Conference) [1998 CLC Convention Resolution, 
    p. 95] -- Moderator, Pastor Paul Fleischer

Chaplain: Pastor Roland H. Gurgel

–Rick R. Grams, Secretary

West Central Pastoral Conference

Date:  September 14-16, beginning at 10:00 a.m. (CDT) on Tuesday through 
       noon on Thursday.
Place: Zion Ev. Lutheran Church, Ipswich, South Dakota
  1)  New Testament Exegesis: Romans 8:1-11 -- Rev. George Dummann
  2)  Old Testament Exegesis: Genesis 9:1-7 -- Rev. John Johannes
  3)  A Study of 2 Thessalonians 3:6-15 and Application of These Verses 
      in Present Day Circumstances -- Rev. Michael Schierenbeck
  4)  Balancing the Value of Sermon Preparations with Other Pastoral 
      Obligations -- Rev. Peter Reim
  5)  A Study of Key Reformers Who are Less Familiar -- Rev. Timothy 
  6)  Does Scripture Speak of "Degrees of Glory" in Heaven? -- Rev. James 
  7)  Devotions for Sick Calls -- Rev. Andrew Schaller
  8)  Matthew 12:1-13 and the Application of Moral Principles to Practical 
      Cases -- Rev. Steven Sippert
  9)  A Study of the Qualifications for Membership Commonly Used in Our 
      Constitutions -- Rev. Michael Wilke
  10) Book Reviews:
      a) Reviewer's choice of an ancient Church History resource (carry-over) 
         -- Rev. David Fuerstenau
      b) Making Love Last Forever by Gary Smalley -- Rev. Frank Gantt
  11) Discussion of the American Legion

Conference Chaplain: Rev. John Hein
Conference Speaker: Rev. Michael Roehl

–Rev. Michael Schierenbeck, Secretary


In accord with our usage and order, Stephen Sydow, who was called by Grace Lutheran Church of Live Oak, Florida to be its pastor, was ordained and installed on July 11, 1999. Pastors John Schierenbeck Karl Stewart assisted.

–Pastor Paul Larsen

Eligible For Call

John M. Cobb of Wildwood, Alberta, Canada, successfully passed the colloquy and is declared eligible for call into the ministry of the Church of the Lutheran Confession.

–Daniel Fleischer, President


The inclusion of the name of Michael Wagnitz in the clergy roster in the CLC Directory was in error. The recent report in the Spokesman of his installation implied that he was installed as pastor of Resurrection congregation of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He was installed as vacancy pastor as part of the colloquy process. The process was not completed and he is no longer serving.

–Daniel Fleischer, President

Time Of Service

Holy Cross Ev. Lutheran Church in Phoenix has changed its time of Sunday service to 9:30 a.m. year around. Bible Class and Sunday School follow the service (Sept.-May).

–Pastor Delwyn Maas

Change Of Address

Pastor John H. Johannes
1784 Will Wages Rd.
Dacula, Georgia 30019
Phone (678) 376-9948