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Graduation — May 22, 1999

Immanuel Lutheran College Eau Claire, Wisconsin

In my view from a seat near the rear of the Fieldhouse at ILC, the ebullient crowd needed to be shushed into the listening mode for an experience that was harmonious in multiple ways.

There was the closing concert on Friday evening, of course, well-orchestrated around the Word in praise to our Savior; and then there was the graduation service on Saturday morning, illuminated by President John Pfeiffer’s admonition to “Stand Guard.”

Pres. Pfeiffer adapted the apostle’s “final words to Timothy” (1 Tim. 6:20-21) to the graduates. Guard the words, he said, guard the concepts, guard the Gift that is above all other gifts as you find yourselves under assault by the world’s empty chatter. We understand; we hope our youngsters will understand, too.

Two Seminarians were presented to the CLC as candidates for the public ministry as pastors. They were commissioned as follows: David Schaller to Redeemer congregation of Sister Lakes, Mich.; and Stephen Sydow to Grace of Valentine, Nebr.

Four education students were graduated. Their home towns and places of assignment are: Vanessa Bernthal (Saginaw, Mich.) to Trinity Lutheran School, Watertown, S.Dak.; Kirsten Gullerud (Eau Claire, Wis.) to Grace School, Valentine, Nebr.; Teresa Nelson (Roseville, Minn.) to Luther Memorial School, Fond du Lac, Wis.; a fourth graduate, Jeffrey Rutz, currently resides in Eau Claire.

Our two-year (Associate of Arts) grads were Lindsey Paul (Waterloo, Iowa), Amy Rodas (Rochester, N.Y.), Rebecca Stratton (Eau Claire, Wis.), Jonathan Sydow (Eau Claire, Wis.) and Noel Voss (St. Paul, Minn.).

High school graduates numbered twenty-nine; I hope you get to know them, too; when they were ninth graders, they helped the undersigned close out his teaching career at ILC.

We wish them all God-speed!

The 1999 ILC graduation ceremonies encapsuled much that we hold near and dear: our children, our friends, and our school, all joined together in praise and in service to our Savior God. That’s what made it harmonious.

Here are some candid snapshots as mememtos of the day with its symphony of sunshine and celebrations. Indeed, ’twas brillig!

–Prof. Em. Paul Koch