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Appreciating Our Lutheran Hymns

How Lovely Shines the Morning Star

A Hymn for the Morning #546 in The Lutheran Hymnal

There is nothing more ordinary than the rising of the sun and the beginning of another day. It is so ordinary that we may not appreciate a new day as we ought. In fact, the dawning of a new day may not be welcome at all, since it takes us back into the world of toil, and perhaps strife, sorrow, and pain.

But each new day is something we as believers ought to appreciate, recognizing it as a gift of God’s grace. Each day we arise with all the sins of the past forgiven. We can go into each day confident of guidance and protection from our Savior God. Each day we have new opportunities for serving Him.

Our hymn helps us to look at each new day as we ought and to begin it rightly with words of praise and with prayers for divine help. It is a hymn to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The words remind us that we enter each day with God the Father who looks on us favorably as His children through the merits of His Son Jesus, our Redeemer; and we look to the Holy Spirit to keep us in this blessed fellowship with God.

–Pastor John Klatt