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“Hosanna to the Son of David!”

It was a long journey. They had traveled to Judea from every direction of the Mediterranean world. The descendants of Abraham were required to attend the great Passover Festival in Jerusalem at least once in their lives.

The journey of a lifetime was near its end. Rounding the Mount of Olives the traveler gets a sudden view of the city in all its splendor. He sees the great walls stretching over the hills, the white marble of the Temple complex shining brilliantly under the sun.

This glorious scene caused pilgrims to break forth into a song of praise to almighty God for bringing them there. They recited the words innumerable times at religious festivals. “Save now {“hosanna”}, I pray, O LORD; O LORD, I pray, send now prosperity. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD!” (Ps. 118:25)

What a scene! Among the many travelers to Jerusalem another crowd was coming from the city. There in the valley, a Man on a donkey, the crowds all shouting: “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD! Hosanna in the highest” (Mt. 21:9).

If we had been there we could not have stopped ourselves from joining this national celebration of God’s compassion and protection. It was the first day of holy week, the day Christians call Palm Sunday.

The Promised Messiah

We celebrate the triumphal ride of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Those who shouted their hosannas to Jesus commonly used the branches of fruit and palm trees in festivals of joy and thanksgiving to God.

The original of hosanna meant “help” or “save.” The palm branch became a national symbol of ancient Israel, reminding them that God had blessed them again by His providence and blessing. The palm branch was a sign of life for those who laid them down for the path of Jesus.

In spite of themselves they proclaimed Jesus to be the King of kings, the Son of David, the greatest king Israel ever had. The Lord had revealed how David would have a king to sit on the throne of His eternal kingdom. “When your days are fulfilled and you rest with your fathers, I will set up your seed after you, who will come from your body, and I will establish His kingdom. He shall build a house for My name, and I will establish the throne of His kingdom forever” (2 Sam. 7:12-13).

The text reveals that the people continued to lay down the branches, giving the highest praise to Jesus as the Son of God. They welcomed Jesus as the Messiah, the One descendant of David whose glory is from eternity and whose kingdom would continue forever!

Religious Pilgrims

They proclaimed that Jesus came “in the name of the Lord”–that Jesus came according to the Word of God to bestow the gifts and treasures of His heavenly kingdom.

What they proclaimed on Palm Sunday was true according to God’s Word, but by the end of the week many joined the shouts for the crucifixion of Jesus!

We too are religious pilgrims again this year. Through faith in Jesus we continue together along the narrow road to the city of God.

Our Savior rules on the throne of God forever, and His kingdom will have no end. When, by faith, we enter our heavenly home, we will not return to a life of sin and darkness. We shall remain in the kingdom of God to serve the Lord in Christ’s righteousness and holiness forever.

Every day of our lives we are traveling toward Christ’s heavenly kingdom of glory. What a sight that will be! Then we shall sing our hosannas to the Son of David, the living Lord Jesus Christ, forever!

–Pastor Rick Grams