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Come Sing With Me

Dear children, come and sing with me Of Bethlehem and King’s decree, And Joseph up from Galilee With Mary mild.

When Caesar, king of high degree, Did move the world with one decree, There came One greater far than he: The LORD of all.

In David’s town no place to stay, Except where cattle feed on hay; Yet there is born a King today: The Savior child!

Proud Caesar’s troops spread death and fear; Poor Jesus came to dry the tear, Forgive, and bid us all draw near — To give us life.

When Caesar spoke, it moved the earth, But when poor Jesus came to birth The heavens opened up in mirth: Hallelujah!

So let us also rise to bring Our praise to heav’n’s Almighty King, And with the angel chorus sing: Hallelujah!

We thank staff member Paul Schaller, now professor at Immanuel College, for again sharing with our readers with his annual Christmas composition.