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* In an age of doubt, Jesus’ resurrection proves He is God, equal to the Father and the Spirit.

* In an age of confusion, Jesus’ resurrection shows every Word of the Bible is true.

* In an age of guilt, Jesus’ resurrection is heaven’s decree that “your sins are forgiven.”

* In an age of fear, Jesus’ resurrection assures us we will bodily arise and live with Him.

* In an age of self-reliance, Jesus’ resurrection reveals that only He can hold us securely.

* In an age of anxiety, Jesus’ resurrection blesses us with His perfect peace.

* In an age of politics, Jesus’ resurrection establishes His Church under the rule of His Word alone.

From a flyer inserted in the 1996 Holy Week bulletin at Messiah Lutheran Church, Hales Corners, Wis. (John Ude, pastor). The times of services as well as address of the church were included.