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They say that a good product will sell itself. You can tell by the way people talk. If they like a new product, they not only use it for themselves. They tell their friends. They recommend the product to others. Likewise, when people are satisfied with their doctor or their mechanic or their barber, they spread the word, especially when the subject comes up in conversation.

We could say that Jesus Christ has the same effect on His believers. He truly makes a powerful impression. Through the revelation of Scripture, the Christian knows the power that Jesus has. The Christian has experienced the blessings of having Christ as his all-sufficient Savior from sin. The believer (namely you and me ) knows that his sins are forgiven through the blood atonement of his Lord. On that solid basis he is confident of his place in heaven.. To borrow a commercial expression of our day — the Christian is “sold” on Jesus. He understands what Christ has done for him and is willing to share his “recommendation” with the people in his life.

On The First Disciples

Let’s take the disciples as a prime example. These men spent three years in the company of our Savior. They saw the Lord in action. The witnessed the powerful miracles that Jesus did. They saw Him die an undeserved death on the cross. And with their own two eyes, they beheld the conquering Savior risen from the grave!

Do you really think that they could keep these events to themselves? The Lord had made a powerful impression. They could not remain silent. In obedience to the Master’s command and by the powerful influence of the Spirit, they shared the story of Christ with all types of people. They talked up the Savior, even though it brought trouble into their lives. The threat of persecution and death did not stop them from spreading the Gospel all over the Roman Empire.

You can hear the conviction of the apostle John when he writes: “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, concerning the Word of Life . . . we declare to you” (1 Jn. 1:1,3).

It’s quite amazing when you realize how cowardly the disciples used to be. On the night before the Lord’s death, Peter denied even knowing Jesus. A few days later the disciples were too afraid to step into public. Under the mistaken assumption that their Master was gone, these men were lost. But the fear and the cowardice was swept away at last. Jesus changed their attitude by proving that He was alive. Why else would Peter and the others be so willing to face death for the sake of Christ? The lasting impression was too strong. They knew that Christ was alive. They knew that He would reign forever as the all-powerful Lord of heaven and earth.

On You And Me

Christ makes the same impression on His disciples today. Even though we have not seen Him face to face, we are still convinced of His reality. We know with certainty that Christ is true God and true man, victorious over sin, risen from the dead, ruling on high, and fully qualified to save us from our own guilt and the prison of hell. God has impressed us with His Word. Through the power of the Gospel God gives us the inner conviction not only to trust in Christ, but also to confess His name before the world.

Don’t be surprised to see that Christianity has spread all over the earth. Don’t be surprised to find that the Bible is the most published book of all time. The name of Jesus and the message of His Word have echoed in the hearts and mouths of Christians down through the ages. It’s all part of the Master’s plan. He continues to make a powerful impression on all who are His own.

— Pastor Steven Sippert