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Instead of being called “Editor’s Smorgasboard” this occasional column with comments on happenings in the church and the world will be broadened by dropping the first word. The intention is to print other people’s good comments (full name given) as well as the editor’s (initials: PGF).

You are invited to pass along ideas for this column from your church’s Newsletter and/or weekly bulletin. Brevity is to be preferred. Please identify the writer.



Join me in once again thanking Pastor Rollin A. Reim for compiling the 1997 Readings. He did this happy annual chore for our readers even as he is now back in the full-time ministry at St. Stephen’s of West Bay, San Francisco. Pastor Reim even sent the print “camera ready,” saving us the time of retyping 365 Bible references. Including the suggested hymn stanzas, the work is his.

Happy Bible Reading — and with such a daily menu, a truly blessed Christmas and New Year from the Spokesman!



(The following was sent to various Minnesota newspapers as a “Letter to the Editor.”)

The Martian (?) meteorite rock story made big news August 5, 1996. Evolutionists “first became excited about the potential life locked inside the rock about a year ago” — evidently sedimentary rock. However, sedimentary rock is formed only out of extremely muddy waters such as was formed all over the earth at one time.

The question is: Did water ever exist on Mars at one time? And if it did, what happened to it? Did some of this presumed water turn into an extremely muddy mess that entrapped life there as it did on earth at one time? Then also, did life even exist on Mars? And how did life turn into rock without any muddy waters occurring on Mars?

Then also, could a comet or asteroid dislodge a piece of this sedimentary rock and make it fly off into space with such powerful force to escape Martian gravity, as they claim in this news report? Has any comet or asteroid ever loosened rocks from the earth with such force that they flew into space?

All this is quite a fable with many wild assumptions that have no facts behind them.

What basis do the evolutionists have that the 4 1/2 pound rock was formed on Mars “4.5 billion years ago, that it was blasted out of the planet 16 million years ago” and “then landed in an Antarctic ice field 1300 years ago”? These years are an awful lot of non-scientific assumptions and postulations without any proof behind them.

Then also they claim: “…There must have been microscopic life on Mars some 3.6 billion years ago.” In regard to this claimed life that was encased in the potato-sized rock they “found minute objects that closely resemble fossilized bacteria that had been found on earth.” Why couldn’t these “fossilized bacteria” be part of all the fossils found in sedimentary rocks all over this earth?

This entire fable is another example of how wild the evolutionists have become in their religious belief that life simply evolved on Earth and Mars. But scientists who are not creationists have stressed how totally impossible it is for life in cells, plants, animals, and mankind to evolve by itself anywhere in this universe, even in ideal conditions as exists on this earth.

The more the evolutionary fable is pushed into a corner as being totally non-scientific, foolish, and ridiculous, the more frantic, “giddy” (their own word), and ridiculous they become in trying to prove their religious belief.

Carl Sagan, a leading figure in the search for extraterrestrial life, in response to this Mars rock story, said: “This is the most provocative . . . piece of evidence for life beyond Earth. If the results are verified, it is a turning point in human history.” — But first he and others must prove life evolved under more ideal conditions even on Earth. No one has ever proven that any kind of life ever evolved on Earth.

Stanford University professor Richard Zare summed up all this foolish thinking beautifully: “We think they are microfossils from Mars. But this is an interpretation. It could be a dried-up mud crack.”

Yet the highest men in government are ready to squander “$400 billion” on this evolution idea. How much better could this money be saved to not increase our national debt another $400 billion besides what they already squandered on other evolution religious ideas in order to promote that religion.

— Albert Sippert


Albert Sippert is a member of our CLC church, Immanuel in Mankato, Minn. Well into his 80’s, Sippert continues to get the creation message out whenever and wherever he can, including on radio talk shows nationwide. He has been on a number of 50,000 watt radio stations where he often debates the subject with noted evolution defenders.

For the creation message he brings Mr. Sippert encounters considerable hostility, even at times from the “objective” talk show host. On the other hand, many listeners, as well as readers of his book, pass along rave reviews both of Sippert’s courageous testimony to the truth and his amazing grasp of the facts involved.

Did you read in the national news lately how the Pope came out saying that evolution is more than just a theory? In effect he was saying that the “science of evolution” is compatible with the Christian faith. At the same time he attempted a kind of weak damage control with the dis- claimer that the human soul itself is created by God and is not subject to the evolutionary process.

Due to his stature in much of Christendom and the world, the pope’s comments aggravate the truth of creation and fuel the fire of the evolutionists. In that connection a CLC member in the twin cities area responded on the “CLC Slinger” (E-Mail): “I think (the pope) needs a copy of Pastor Sippert’s book… (which) leads the reader in a very logical progression of arguments debunking the so-called scientific base of evolution.” Christian News also recommended that the pope read Sippert’s book.

A 466-page book, Evolution Is Not Scientific: 32 Reasons Why may be ordered from the author at his home address: 330 Wheeler Ave., No. Mankato, MN 56003. The cost is most reasonable: $6.00 plus $1.95 for shipping.