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In Our CLC Classrooms —

Meet: Craig F. Owings

Craig F. Owings is a teacher at Immanuel School in Mankato, Minn. He joined the teaching staff there in the fall of 1995. He teaches primarily high school courses in the areas of grammar, literature, math, and geography.

Mr. Owings graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in 1974, and accepted a teaching position at Lakewood, Washington in an ELS church. In 1991 he left the ELS and joined the CLC. In the summer of 1995 he was declared eligible for a call into the CLC through colloquy.

He and his wife Kay have four children: Matthew (age 19), Michael (age 16), Meagan (age 14), and Adam (age 13). The youngest three children attend Immanuel High School in Mankato.

He chose teaching as a career be cause he believes that “genuine Christian education is of infinite importance, and eternal con- sequence.”

Outside of the classroom Mr. Owings enjoys hunting, fishing, sea kayaking, and attending the sporting events of his children.

We welcome Mr. Owings into our CLC classrooms. May God, through him, spread His Word.