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A Congregational Christmas Greeting

“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given.”

— Isaiah 9:6

The soft white blanket covers all
The temperatures grow cold
There is no doubt for each one knows 
And no one must be told

The wintry season has begun
With mittens and the caps
The boots and shovels all are found
The coats, the scarves, the wraps

But with these usual yearly preps
Our hearts and minds begin
To think about our Savior's birth
'Bout Jesus Christ and sin.

How God's own Son comes down to us
To hearts all dead and cold
And covers them with wraps of love
As Scripture has foretold.

That though our sins as scarlet are
They shall be white as snow
Though they be red like crimson, yet
In Christ they're white as wool.

So in this wintry season when
The snow has covered all
And temperatures drop down a bit
Come to God's cattle stall.

There you will find a peaceful rest
You'll hear the angels sing
As you kneel down and there behold
Your Savior and your king.

For unto you is born this day
A Savior from your sin
In Him you'll find God's warm embrace
Fear not to enter in.

He is the One who'll warm your heart
And lift your spirit high
And in the midst of cold and snow
Your every need supply.
— A congregational Christmas greeting of Pastor & Mrs. L. Dale

Redlin, Immanuel, Mankato, Minn.