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Church of the Lutheran Confession Foundation

Why Do We Have A Foundation?

The need for the Foundation became apparent when the Board of Trustees began having trouble administering some of the gifts that were being given to the CLC. There were simply too many categories of which to keep track. The Trustees called on the synod to establish a Foundation through which these gifts could be channeled in order to more efficiently administer them. The main concern was with bequests and special gifts that didn’t fit into the funds structure of the CLC.

What Is The Foundation?

The 1992 Convention of the CLC established the CLC foundation as a “means for the CLC to administer special gifts given for the work of the Kingdom.” The Foundation Board drew up guidelines for the Foundation and presented them to the 1994 CLC Convention for approval. This past year the Foundation Board has been busy doing what those guidelines require of its members to prepare for the publicity of the Foundation. This is the first such publicity springing from those efforts.

How Does The Foundation Function?

When a prospective donor wishes to give to the Foundation, he must first procure a brochure in which he will find a brief explanation of the Foundation and a “Planned Giving Form.” These brochures are available from your pastor or in the tract rack at your church. By filling out the form you are simply letting the Foundation Board know that you intend to give to the Foundation.

This helps the Board in several ways. First of all, it gives them the opportunity to assist you in figuring out to which fund of the CLC your gift should go in order to accomplish the purpose you have in mind. It also helps them determine whether or not the gift can be accepted in the form in which the donor intends to give it. This is of particular importance when the gift is in some form other than cash.

Once the Board has received the “Planned Giving Form,” the donor will be notified of any additional information needed by the Board and of any additional planning he might need to do before donating to the Foundation. The Board does not give financial advice or counseling, however. This should be done with a competent financial consultant.

The Board members will be happy to assist you in filling out the form if you need help. (As per its guidelines, it is not the intent of the Board to solicit funds for the Foundation.) After the form has been accepted, a copy will be returned to you. Your gift will be received by the Foundation at the time specified by you. You are never under any obligation, however.

If you think that this is a way in which you would like to give to the work of the church, you can ask your pastor for a brochure. The Board looks forward to assisting you.

–The CLC Foundation Board (Neal Wietgrefe, Chm., Paul Meyer, Pastor

Stephen Kurtzahn)