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The Radichel Family Reunion

Across the CLC we are privileged to have a number of large families who for a long time have anchored our CLC congregations and church body. Their blessed tentacles extend far and deep, going back to the very establishment of our churches and synod, reaching forward to the next generation of faithful that will fill our CLC pews. They were, they are, they will be, all and always, the products of the Spirit-inspired efforts of dedicated Christian parenting and mission efforts. Truly the Psalmist’s call and prophecy is daily being fulfilled among us: “One generation shall praise Your works to another and shall declare Your mighty acts” (Ps. 145:4).

While in Norway one of our pastors encountered a rather intriguing comment on the wall of a church. In reference to casualties in war this was said: “No one mentioned, no one forgotten.” A built-in risk is found in name listing (as many have discovered in church bulletins), and that risk is omission. It would be well-nigh unto impossible to list or picture all of our extended CLC families who have played integral roles in our churches, nor would any want their names heralded. Yet, from time to time, as we hear of or see our extended families gather together, may we join in thanksgiving for — and draw faith-encouragement from — these “households of faith.”

To God alone be all glory!

Pastor David Schierenbeck

(Editor’s note: The occasion for the family reunion held in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, on June 24,1995, was the 60th wedding anniversary of Gilbert and Valborg Radichel.) Gilbert, the patriarch of the Radichel family, was ushered into the joy of his Lord soon after this picture was taken (died July 30 at the age of 85 years). The funeral was at Messiah, Eau Claire, with Pastor Paul Tiefel officiating.