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Groans To Glory

(This is a portion of a longer free-verse sermon on Romans 8:18-25 delivered by Pastor Michael Wilke to his congregation, Good Shepherd of Rapid City, SD. A member of Good Shepherd submitted it to the Lutheran Spokesman. “Groans To Glory” was the overall theme of this unique and inspiring presentation of the Gospel.)



Be they small or tall

Our problems are not worth

the worry,

the scurry,

the flurry.

Relax! Be still!

You’ve been forgiven!

You have Heaven!

Count your blessings . . .

Learn to live patiently,

To trust the LORD unwaveringly,

To confide in Him unceasingly,

To depend upon Him absolutely.

And when you start to complain,

Stop! Refrain!

For there will come a day . . .

When the symphony of sin’s pain,

Will never be heard again!

The desperate cries of dear ones on a sickbed.

The hungry sobs of children who haven’t been fed.

The ugly shrieks of the war time wounded.

The silent scream of the unborn aborted.

Not a whisper of this,

Or any distress,

Will ever again cross our lips in the coming Restoration!

Unfortunately, for those, who in degradation, reject God’s Son,

There shall always be the sound of weeping.

But for the children of God? — heaping plates of grace!

Paradise lost will be Paradise regained!

Celebration! Rejuvenation!

Let the sound of praise be heard

in your hearts,

and in your homes!

Praise God for glory beyond imagination!

Praise God for new heavens and a new earth!

For our resurrection,

That wonderful new birth!

Praise God for the blood that set us free

So that we may live with Him throughout eternity!

Praise Him for His Son’s life and death — our great story!

Praise God for taking us from GROANS TO GLORY!

“Praise God from who all blessings flow!

Praise Him all creatures, here below!

Praise Him above, ye heavenly host!

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!”