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"…the Scriptures cannot be broken." John 10:35


CW Hymn 147, TLH Hymn 207 “For Your Baptism Which Has Saved Me”

What, would you say, is water worth?

There’s no question that, as an element necessary for life, it is of great value. And yet, its prevalence on earth makes it relatively inexpensive. On a rainy day it’s even free.

There are, however, versions which do fetch a higher price. The bottled variety, for example. A liter can sell for around a dollar. And, according to the bottlers, with good reason. Labels often identify it as water that has been “purified.”

So what about the value of water which is even more special? If a dollar is a fair price for water that is purified, what is the value of water that is purifying? Purification, after all, is something desperately needed by everyone, since every person is born impure and has sinned. Read More…

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