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A Perfect Prayer from Our Perfect Lord


“Our Father who art in heaven.” 

We address the heavenly Father who sent His beloved Son to save us from our sins and in His amazing grace chose us to be His children. Just as a three-year-old child is unafraid to ask her dad for whatever is on her heart, let us boldly bring our prayer to the Father Who made us and saved us.

“Hallowed be Thy name.” 

What we say and do can either ruin our family name or bring glory to it. Jesus teaches us to pray that the Father’s name, which we carry with us as His children, would be holy among us by what we say and what we do. Because only the Bible identifies who our Father is and describes all that He has done to save us, we pray that His Word would be taught faithfully among us. Pray for our pastors, professors, teachers (Sunday school and parochial), and missionaries who proclaim the Father’s name to you.Read More »A Perfect Prayer from Our Perfect Lord

“God Is Able—He Always Lives!”

“O all-embracing Mercy,
O ever-open Door,

What should we do without Thee
When heart and eye run o’er?

When all things seem against us,
To drive us to despair,

We know one gate is open,
One ear will hear our prayer.”

TLH 279:4

“Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them” (Hebrews 7:25).

There is a commercial that has made the rounds over the last months on both local TV and radio. It begins with a computer voice answering a phone call, and continues with the caller giving the reason for his call, which is usually a request for some kind of help. The computer then “talks” to another computer, wondering what to do, because it is completely unable to give the required help. The caller is then forwarded “for an answer” to a pay phone somewhere that no one ever answers, or he is left with the dial-up modem noise. The commercial is then resolved by the sponsor touting itself as the place to which you can successfully go to get actual help.Read More »“God Is Able—He Always Lives!”