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John the Baptist

Where is John Pointing?


Have you experienced the frustration that comes when you try to point at something exciting, only for your audience to miss it? This happens frequently in my family when we’re on the road. I will see something that I want my young children to see as well. I will point and exclaim, “Look over there!” And my boys will be staring at my hand instead. I will more vigorously thrust my pointed finger back and forth to get them to look in that direction while their eyes will follow the movement of my hand and miss the moment entirely. Toddlers will do this. Don’t adults sometimes do the same? Read More »Where is John Pointing?

“He Must Increase, but I Must Decrease”


Pick one of today’s more “popular” preachers with a large following. Maybe it would be Joel Osteen with his average attendance of 52,000. Or maybe it would be the “Purpose Driven” preacher, Rick Warren, with his average attendance of 22,000.

Regardless of the numerically popular preacher’s name, can you imagine him telling his followers to quit coming to his church and start following another preacher? What would ever cause a popular preacher to do such a thing? Why would a preacher voluntarily surrender followers by directing them to someone else?

Why? Ask John the Baptist.Read More »“He Must Increase, but I Must Decrease”