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"…the Scriptures cannot be broken." John 10:35


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Election Coverage

Written by Nathan Pfeiffer | August, 2016
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Election coverage seems as if it has been going on “forever.” But in reality, it was only last spring when candidates began announcing their campaigns to be the next President of the United States. Since then, the news media have been covering the campaigns and discussing things like polls, “favorability,” and “electability.” Such coverage will […] Read More

About the Brief Statement—

Written by Lutheran Spokesman | February, 2014
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Paragraph 1 of the Brief Statement: Which treats the divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures—the article upon which all the other paragraphs stand or fall. Of the Holy Scriptures We teach that the Holy Scriptures differ from all other books in the world in that they are the Word of God.They are the Word of […] Read More
The many teachings of God from Genesis to Revelation are precious to believing Christians because they form an unshakeable foundation upon which to firmly establish redeemed lives with God and to possess the certain hope of eternal life in heaven. Since God’s teachings are interconnected, we do not want to give up any of them […] Read More


Written by David W. Bernthal | July, 2011
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It has happened to most of us. The anticipation is rising. The line you are standing in is dwindling. Who will be next? Will I get picked at all? Ah, those moments on the playground before a recess game begins—a possible knock to the self-esteem if ever there was one! I believe the way students […] Read More